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Title: Spock
Publisher: Austrek
Editor(s): various, see below
Date(s): August 1977-?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS and later some Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9
Language: English
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For information about the character, see Spock.

Spock is a gen ST:TOS club zine that ran to at least 69 issues, and eventually expanded to include other Star Trek franchise shows as well as original fiction, and possibly other fandoms as well. It was published in Australia.

Austrek, the zine's publisher, had an award up until late 1987 called Inkwasters. In January 1988, it was abolished: "I also abolished the Inkwasters (Normally given at the Xmas Party) as I felt that it was too difficult to choose any one contributor above the many who offered something to the Log each month. As it happened, SPOCK didn't offer an award that year either. [1]

Sister Zine

It has a single issue sister zine called Spunk: "The adult version of SPOCK, featuring X-Rated Star Trek stories brought to you by the crystal pure folks at Austrek. AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED."

Shut Down Due to Pressure from TPTB

This zine was discontinued as part of the Viacom Crackdown: "SPOCK, the fanfic fanzine for AUSTREK, was closed down in case of lawsuits. Again in hindsight, and overreaction." [2]

Regarding the Title

From the front of the first issue: "Star Trek Propaganda on Club Kids."

Sheila Clark wrote 1992 that 'SPOCK" stood for "Society for the Protection of Captain Kirk," [3] something she said tongue-in-cheek.

Origins of This Zine

"Spock" began as a subsection to a MASC newsletter in 1976. See MASC for more information.

Issue 1

Spock 1 was published in August 1977 and contains 29 issues. It was edited by Greg Allshorn, the cover is by Sue Keck. Art is by Sue Keck, Stephen Bates, Paul Murphy, Theresa de Gabriele.

front cover of "v.2 edition 5"; the inside editorial says several times it is the first fanzine published by Austrek
Regarding the numbering on the first cover:
"SPOCK, subtitled "Star Trek Propaganda On Club Kids", was Austrek's first ever publication and was intended to be the club’s newsletter and fanzine (a fanzine is an amateur booklet populated with fan written stories and original artwork). Early issues were typed on a stencil and printed via a Fordigraph spirit duplicator and after producing four singled-paged issues known as Volume 1, SPOCK was reborn as a proper fanzine without the subtitle known as Volume 2. The first 10-page issue of the new Volume 2 format appeared in 1976 and continued for 69 issues winning many awards and accolades until 1994 when it ceased publication." [4]

Issue 2

Spock 2

Issue 3

Spock 3

Issue 4

Spock 4

Issue 5

Spock 5

Issue 6

Spock 6

Issue 7

Spock 7 is the first offset issue. It was published around August 1977. It includes an LoC by Gene Roddenberry.

Issue 8

Spock 8

Issue 9

Spock 9

Issue 10

Spock 10 was published in July 1978. It is the first "self-contained" issue.

Issue 11

Spock 11

A review in The Captain's Log #16 call it by the tongue-in-cheek title "Kirk #1."

Issue 12

Spock 12 was published in October 1978 and contains 40 pages.

  • Table of Contents (1)
  • Introduction (2)
  • Tribble Trouble by Sonny Collins (3)
  • The Inquisition by Angela Hanslik (4)
  • Satyr by Theresa De Gabriele (6)
  • The Jim Kirk Show #3 by Paul Murphy (20)
  • 8th Segment (27)
  • AUSTREK Story Competition #3 (28)
  • Halloween, Story Competition #2 Winner (29)
  • Mrs. Simmons Boarding House by Angela Hanslick (34)
  • Night Gong (36)
  • Once Upon a Captain by Ruth Dick-Smith (37)

Issue 13

Spock 13

Issue 14

Spock 14 was published in 1979 and contains 40 pages.

The Captain's Log #28 contains an LoC for a story in this issue.

  • Scottische by Anonymous
  • Contact" by R.E. Young
  • The Siren's Call by Kathleen Gaitely
  • War Games by Ian Mclachlan
  • Links by April Smith
  • Epilogue '7' by Greg Allshorn
  • A Place Out Of Time.... by Kert Rats
  • The Jim Kirk Show by Paul Murphy
  • ... And My True love... by Greg Allshorn
  • The Ways Converge by Sue Busztynski

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 14

Issue 14 is a special issue dealing with the character of Scotty, our favorite engineer. Gems making appearances inside include several stories (the majority of which are well conceived), some fine poetry and a marvelous comic satire. The artwork is generally fine and the cover is not only humorous, but well done also.

"Scottische" (Anonymous) — A strange, short tale which the reader has to see for himself.
"Contact" (R.E. Young) — A nice poem about Kirk's death.
"The Siren's Call" (Kathleen Gaitely) — Uhura and Scotty are left on a planet to investigate a communications interference there. Scotty is drawn towards something alien and Uhura saves his mind and soul.
"War Games" (Ian Mclachlan) — A short, humorous tale in which Scotty learns how to play what appears to be a strategy game, but which in reality is hopscotch.
"Links" (April Smith) — A short poem about_Spock's death.
"Epilogue '7'" (G. Allshorn) — A brief piece which explains what really happened between Spock and Scotty after the "Galileo 7' mission.
"A Place Out Of Time...." (Kert Rats) — How do you say that you don't understand
 a story? Let the reader get his own summary
 out of this one.
"The Jim Kirk Show" (Paul Murphy) — A stunning example of satire in the MAD tradition. The comic strip is a take-off of "The Galileo 7". Although some of the drawing are poor quality, the humor still comes shining through.
"... And My True love..." (G. Allshorn) — Scotty is blamed for the deaths of four
 crewmembers, including his girlfriend, by 
neglection of his duties. An Andorian, Thoren,
 is found to be the true culprit in a fine
"The Ways Converge" (Sue Busztynski) — Shortly after the Romulan War, a Romulan couple crash lands on an outpost inhabited by a Vulcan couple. The Romulan woman has twins and by tradition, they must kill one to avoid arguments of power. The Vulcans convince the couple to give them the child in an unusual story with an interesting ending.
Orange cover with white pages, 40 pp. A nice addition to any fanzine library from the land down under. Rating: A. [5]

Issue 15

Spock 15

cover of issue #15

There is an LoC in The Captain's Log #31 by Angela Hanslik and Sue Bursztynski objecting to a comment that poorness of Spock #15 was due to a lack of male writers.

Issue 16/17

Spock 16/17 was published in July 1979. There is a review of this issue in The Captain's Log #29.

cover of issue #16/17
  • A Little Note (2)
  • The Ruins of Moorock by Angela Hanslick (3)
  • Pictures of the Written Kind by Merylyn White (12)
  • The Custom by Sue Bursziynaki (13)
  • A Funny Thing Happened by Theresa de Gabriele (16)
  • Officers of the Bridge by Sakura Allison (27)
  •  ? (You Figure it Out) by Paul Murphy (28)
  • The Ambush by Angela Hanslick (29)
  • Labels are for Things by Mark Bartlett (31)
  • A Little Late Night Entertainment (no author listed) (32)
  • A Trek Around the Galaxy by Ruth Dick-Smith and Ian (34)
  • Any Suggestions? (no author listed) (36)
  • New Assignment by Etta Degrel (37)
  • untitled something by Ruth Dick-Smith and BUG (42)
  • Women in Star Trek (a college) (43)
  • Introduction (no author listed) (46)
  • The Two Shadows of Spock by Tracy Adamczyk (47)
  • Spock by Carol Ashcroft (48)
  • To Dr. McCoy and The Captain by Ruth Dick-Smith (49)
  • A Tangent by Angela Hanslick (50)
  • The Introspective Vulcan by Shtona Isteb (51)
  • Two Poems by Ruth Dick-Smith (52)
  • Blank Space by Ruth Dick-Smith (53)
  • Wanna Be a Trek Fan? by Stephan Bates (54)
  • Introduction by Sue Bursztynski (55)
  • Inheritance by Sue Bursztynski (56)
  • McCoy's Log by Greg Franklin (66)
  • The Doctor's Dilemma by Helena Russell (80)
  • The Big E by GUB (83)
  • Requiem by Geoff Allshorn (85)
  • Space by Mark Barlett (87)
  • Profile by GUB (88)
  • Computer Life by Ruth Dick-Smith (89)
  • Reviews and Views (no author listed) (90)
  • Wedding Announcements by T'Amanda (91)

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, Paul Murphy

Spock 18 is a Klingon special issue. It was published in October 1979. Cover by Paul Murphy.

  • Nick Knacks
  • Editorial (3)
  • Troublesome Tribbles by Geoff Alahorn (4)
  • Ommadourn II by Christine Watt (11)
  • The Jim Kirk Show, "Daze and Dove" by Paul Murphy (41)
  • Last Act by Jan McDonnell (48)
  • A Little Tribble by Sakura Allison (50)
  • The Battle by Chuck Farnsworth (51)
  • Anthem of the Klingon Battle Cruiser - Kalamity by Allison Cowling (57)
  • Picnic Day by Diane Harris (58)
  • A Day in the Life of a Klingon Commander by Ruth Dick-Smith and Ian McLachlan (61)
  • The Final Battle by Angela Hanslick (64)
  • Some More Views by Lillianne Forbin (65)
  • The Things They Could Have Said ... & More Wedding Announcements (66)
  • You are Receiving this 'Zine Because by Lillianne Forbin

Issue 19

front cover of issue #19, Greg Franklin
back cover of issue #19, David Richardson
inside pages from issue #19

Spock 19 was published in January 1980 and contains 46 pages

  • Untitled by Ceri Murphy (5)
  • Security Risk by Chuck Farnsworth (7)
  • The Survivors by Kathleen Gaitely (13)
  • A Break in Routine by Dooreen C. DaBinett (sic) (19)
  • Father and Son by Sue Bursztynski (33)
  • Twas Christmas Morn by Vern Sunderfords (44)
  • Reviews by various (46)
  • art by Greg Franklin (front cover), David Richardson (back cover), Elsie Sager, Paul Murphy, Vernon Sunderford, BUG

Poetry Credits:

  • Deep Night by Betsi Ashton (12)
  • Bad Wednesday by Lilianne Forbin (16)
  • Untitled by Lilianne Forbin (17)
  • An Inner Journey by Tracy Adamczyk (18)
  • Horta's Soliloquy by Kerrin Hill (43)
  • Shine Bright by Ruth Dick-Smith (48)
  • Symbiosis by Ruth Dick-Smith and BUG (49)

Issue 20

Spock 20 was published in 1980.

Issue 21

cover of issue #21, Paul Murphy

Spock 21 published in 1980.

  • Editorial (4)
  • A Viable Alternative? by Jan McDonnell (5)
  • McCoy by Mark Bartlett (8) (poem)
  • The Last Word by Ben James (9)
  • The Doomsday Machie by Greg Plecko (13) (poem)
  • Charlie and the Four plus Four, Size Five by Kelvin and Helena Roberts (14)
  • Illyria the Lone by Ruth Dick-Smith and Ian McLachlan (20)
  • Serpent in the Ground by Kathleen Gaitley (38)
  • The Party by Helen M. Sargeant (58)
  • Encounter! by Sue Bursztynski (63)
  • Waiting by T.A. Adamczyk (66) (poem)
  • art by BUG, Greg Franklin (back cover), Paul Murphy (front cover), Helena Roberts, Elizabeth Czepiel, Sakura Allison, Rhonda Noonan, Robert Jan, Ian McLachlan

Issue 22

cover of issue #22

Spock 22 was published in 1980 and is 48 pages long.

  • Decker (Decker and Ilea story) (22 pages)
  • The Price Of Freedom (Kang) (1 page)
  • Star Wreck (Humor) (1 page)
  • Beginning (New doctor) (2 pages)
  • The Other Side Of Rorrim (9 pges)
  • A Short Story (Kor) (2 pages)

Issue 23/24

cover of issue #23/24

Spock 23/24 was published in June 1981 and contains 134 pages. It was edited by Mandy Young and S. Bates. 10% of other SF medium allowed is now allowed in the zine due to lack of ST content. The Captain's Log #634 contains a review of this issue.

  • Green is Beautiful by Kelvin Roberts
  • art by Greg Franklin
  • The Redemption of Cyrano Jones by Ian McLachlan
  • Capernicus 325 by Helena Russell
  • Cat and Mouse by Glen Grant
  • The First Step by P. Heffron
  • Rebellion by Sue Bursztynski

Issue 25

front cover of issue #25
back cover of issue #25

Spock 25 was published in 1982 and contains 64 pages, 17 stories.

The Captain's Log #64 contains a review of this issue.

Art by S. Allison, G. Allshorn, E. Czepiel, G. Franklin, R. Jan, R. Lewis, M. McGann, A. McGee, E. Mace, M. Sarrrazin, and M. Young.

  • Editorial (4)
  • Where Klingons Fear to Tread by M. Smith (5)
  • Vulcan News by T'Amanda (8)
  • It's Going to Be a Long Nig0ht by L. Jones (9)
  • The Nemesis by G. Plecko (12)
  • Time Out of Mind by Sue Burstzynski (13)
  • The Lilith by M. Ashman (19)
  • Jihad by M. Sarrazin (21)
  • Moments 1 by M. Sarrazin (21)
  • Fragments by M. Sarrazin (22)
  • Vacancy: Class 22 by Kamanda (27)
  • Omegatron by M. Clark (28)
  • Vacancy: Class 31 by Kamanda (36)
  • Our World is Hollow, but They Have Touched the Sky by Sue Burstzynski (38)
  • Where There's Hope... by G. Plecko (40)
  • Afterwards by Sue Burstzyski (42)
  • The Star Fleet Academy by R. Jan (48)

Issue 26

Spock 26

Issue 27

cover of issue #27

Spock 27 was published in 1982 and is 81 pages long. On the cover: "Galactic Federation Mothers (sic) Club" and "Live Long & Prosper."

Issue 28

Spock 28 was published in January 1983 and contains 42 pages. It is A4 and offset.

The Captain's Log #69 contains a review of this issue.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 28

An interesting variety of stories, mostly light entertainment including a piece which is part one of a story about how a 10-year old king with delusions of grandeur came aboard the Enterprise to face its captain who has definite ideas of a child's behaviour. Smacks of 'Elaan of Trous', but not bad nonetheless . There's a very good piece on Methuselah/Flint/Merlin and Camelot by Sue Bursztynski and an incredibly 'cute' one by Robert Jan called 'Somebody Open The Airlocks' which is an explanation on how Khan came to overcome the crew of the Reliant. The best piece is "What's To Become of The Eagles?" by Monica Mitchell which is a thoughtful look at Mara and Kang after 'Day of The Dove' and their problems after learning the "truth" about the Federation. The issue was -an interesting read. The cover titilating if you take the time to realise that it shows multimedia. The only thing that is slightly off-putting is the different typefaces in the zine, but as this is not standard procedure, it shoudn't be too bad for the reader. [6]

Issue 29

Spock 29 was published in 1983 and contains 82 pages.

cover of issue #29

The Captain's Log #70 contains an LoC for this issue.

  • Just Clowning Around by Sonny Collins
  • "Touch" by Jane Callard, By Any Other Name by Dean Mark & Helena Roberts
  • The Transfer by Crag Hooper
  • "Another Dimension, Another Possibility" by Claire Cooper
  • Dream of Life by Ian McLachlan
  • An Extraordinary King by Carol Ellis
  • Kwain, Queen of the Trobads by Ruth Dick-Smith
  • "To Return Again..." by Claire Cooper
  • Children in Lost in a Forest by Sakura Allison
  • "Alpha Operation" by Helen Sargeant
  • The Admiral's Orders by Susan Clarke

Issue 30

Spock 30 was published in 1983 and contains 40 pages. The back cover is by Robert Jan. Other art by Greg Franklin, Betty De Gabrielle, Sakura Allison, Robert Jan and Elizabeth Czepiel.

The Captain's Log #72 contains an LoC for this issue.

back cover of issue #30, Robert Jan
front cover of issue #30, uncredited
  • Editorial by Linda (3)
  • Rebirth of the Admiral, poem by KumaBachi (5)
  • Kwain: Queen of the Trobads by Ruth Dick-Smith (6)
  • Vulcan, poem by Susan Clarke (12)
  • To Return Again, story by Claire Cooper (13)
  • Children Lost in a Forest, story by Sakura Allison (19)
  • Fragment by Jane Callard (25)
  • Alpha Operation, story by Helen Sargeant (26)
  • cartoon by Greg Franklin (30)
  • Tactical Error by Robert Jan (31)
  • End, poem by Dean Mark (32)
  • I Touch a Depth, poem by Ruth Dick-Smith (33)
  • Requiem, poem by Ruth Dick-Smith (33)
  • Haunted by Sue Bursztynski (34)
  • I Wonder, poem by Helen Sareant (36)
  • The Tempest by Sue Bursztynski (37)
  • Childhood Dream of Reality, poem by KumaBachi (38)
  • The Admiral's Orders by Susan Clarke (39)

Issue 31

Spock 31 contains 96 pages.

The Captain's Log #74 and #76 contain LoCs for this issue.

Issue 32

Spock 32 was published in 1983.

Issue 33

Spock 33 was published in 1983.

cover of issue #33

Issue 34

Spock 34 was published in 1983.

The Captain's Log #70 contains an LoC for this issue.

Issue 35

inside page from issue #35
cover of issue #35

Spock 35 was published in 1983 and has 49 pages.

The Captain's Log #83 contains an LoC for this issue.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Contents Page( 4)
  • The Thrush by T.A. Morris (5)
  • Experiences by Charlotte Davis (13)
  • Congratulations to Sue Bursztynski (20)
  • Kah-Ree-Ah by Sue Bursztynski and Jan McDonnell (21)
  • The Start by John Meekings (30)
  • Some More of the Tail by Robert Jan (31)
  • Meeting of the Many by Helen Sargeant (34)
  • Goodnight by John Meekings (43)
  • Tradition by John Meekings (44)
  • Should've Known by Cyranno Mudd (45)
  • Crew by John Meekings (48)
  • art by Betty De Gabriele, Robert Jan, and Greg Franklin

Issue 36

Spock 36 was published in June 1983 and contains 56 pages.

cover of issue #36

The Captain's Log #86 contains an LoC for this issue.

  • Editorial (3)
  • Contents Page (4)
  • A Day in the Park by Sue Burstynski (5)
  • No Escape by Belinda Way Lee (8)
  • The Farther Shore by T.A. Morris (9)
  • The Klingon-Beast by T.A. Morris (10)
  • Family Ties by Helen Sargeant (35)
  • Out of Time, Out of Sight by Robert Jan
  • Dreamer of Dreams by Gail Neville (42)
  • Star Trek Music, article by Val Morton (47)

Issue 37

Spock 37 was published in August 1984 and contains 48 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 37

A4 offset with a striking cover by Betty de Gabrielle this issue. A very entertaining read this issue even if the stories are on the more somber side (an editor can only use what's sent in, so how about sharpening your quills and exercising your funny bones...) Once again, Robert Jan has added a certain distinction to the zine in his accompanying illustrations. Jane Callard's "The Challenge" and "Uhura" are two of the best poems I've read in quite a while. This style is distinct and direct and made a memorable impact this issue. Robert Jan's story "Joachim" -- a mid-Space See/TWOK story where Klingons meet the Botany Bay survivors (thus explaining Khan's knowledge of Klingon proverbs) is graphically realistic and hard hitting. Quite an experience and an about-face from this artist/author who usually associates with bizarre comedy. It's a story you shouldn't miss especially if you've been feeling particularly jaded before hand. [7]

Issue 38

back cover of issue #38, Liz Czepiel
front cover of issue #38, Liz Czepiel

Spock 38 was published in 1984, contains 58 pages, and seven Star Trek stories. This content was published again in issue #38/39. No editor name is listed in the credits but she writes in the editorial that this is her second-to-last issue.

The Captain's Log #89 contains an LoC for this issue.

  • In Between Earth and Sky by Sue Bursztynski (Kirk’s encounter with Scottish girl) (5)
  • In Between Earth and Sky by Robert Jan (Epilogue) (8)
  • ”Made In Heaven” by Helen Sargeant (Spock and Christine) (10)
  • Rondeau for Christine by Gail Neville (14)
  • Genesis Sting by Ruth Dick-Smith (14)
  • For The Good Of The Many… by KumaBachi (Pro Genesis wave) (15)
  • Mathom Road by Theresa Morris (Chekov story) (17)
  • The Gift by Robyn Cullen (Rain on Sidley’s planet) (38)
  • The Two Edge Sword by Jane Callard (46)
  • ”Newsbreak” by Helen Sargeant (Things back to normal) (47)

Issue 39

Spock 39 was published in 1984 and is 100 pages long. It contains the seven stories previously published in issue #38 as well as new material

The Captain's Log #92 contains a review of this issue.

cover of issue #39

The content of issue #38:

  • In Between Earth and Sky (Kirk’s encounter with Scottish girl) (2 pages)
  • In Between Earth and Sky (Epilogue) (2 pages)
  • ”Made In Heaven” (Spock and Christine) (4 pages)
  • For The Good Of The Many… (Pro Genesis wave) (2 pages)
  • Mathom Road (Chekov story) (21 pages)
  • The Gift (Rain on Sidley’s planet) (9 pages)
  • ”Newsbreak” (Things back to normal) (2 pages)

The content of issue #39:

  • Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright (M’Rarr story) (3 pages)
  • Saavik (Thoughts about Spock) (4 pages)
  • Fragments (Christine) by Helen Sargeant (5 pages)
  • ”In-Depth Probe” (Review of The Enterprise Revealed) (2 pages)
  • In Name and Deed: Part 3 (History of Enterprise Vessels) (5 pages)
  • Purge (Kirk as boy story) (11 pages)
  • ”Recalled To Life” (Admiral Powell) (6 pages)

Issue 40

cover of issue #40

Spock 40 was published in 1985 and is 56 pages long.

  • Editorial by Cherry Wolfe (1)
  • Table of Contents (2)
  • ”We Shall Fly” (Admiral Nogura) by Robert Jan (3)
  • Chandra (Crew) by Vivian Grey (11) (5 pages)
  • Death Ship (Vaccine) by Gail Neville (17)
  • The Name (Sarek and Amanda) by Sue Bursztynski (25)
  • "And Fire's In My Heels" by Betsi Ashton (26)
  • Family Feud (Crew) by Roxanne Wood (27)
  • Fragments 1 (Spock and Christine) by Helen Sargeant (30)
  • Fragments 2 (Christine) by Helen Sargeant (36)
  • Lullaby (Septimus) by T.A. Morris (38)
  • Walking Along (Kirk and Ciani) by Helen Sargeant (47)

Issue 41

cover of issue #41, R. Taylor

Spock 41 was published in 1985 and contains 42 pages.

  • Editorial by Cherry Wolfe (3)
  • Table of Contents (4)
  • Fragments by Helen Sargeant (5)
  • My Ship by John Meeking (9)
  • The Single Red Flower by Madeline C.A. (10)
  • After the Shooting by T.A. Morris (13)
  • I Spock by John Meeking (16)
  • Letters from Home by Sue Bursztynski (17)
  • The Conflict by Andrew McGee (18)
  • Scotch Tape by Robert Jan (27)
  • Dark Horse by T.A. Morris (38)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 41

This is the second of the Spocks edited by Cherry Wolfe after Linda Powell's two year stint. It feathers a cover by Rick Taylor, and one of Sue Bursztynki's short stories with the amusing punch-line she does so well. Besides some new writers new to Spock, it also has 'Scotch Tape,' a story set aboard the Bird of Prey while Kirk and crew are on the way to Vulcan with Spock. 'Scotch Tape' has humour, but mostly it maintains a gentle, quiet mood as Scotty goes about patching up a few troubles and seeing the ship to sleep. After all the death and destruction without, the exhausted emotions within, the sombre tone with its undercurrents of hurt suit the story well. Being someone who is madly in love with the Bird of Prey and hopes to see her in future ST movies, I pay particular attention to the way writers are treating her. So far Vonda McIntyre has the passed the test in her novelization of 'The Search for Spock,' and so does Robert Jan in 'Scotch Tape. [8]

Issue 42

Spock 42 published in 1985, contains 49 pages, nine stories, editor was Cherry Wolfe.

back cover of issue #42
front cover of issue #42
  • Editorial by Cherry Wolfe (2)
  • Bran the Unblessed No.1 by Robert Jan (3)
  • Nightmare On the Edge of Death (Keth's Command) by Sue Isle (4)
  • Follow Me! by Sue Bursztynski (5)
  • O Fortuna T.A. Morris (13)
  • Rumours by Helen Sargeant (16)
  • The Closing of the Way by Robert Jan (19)
  • 'Bones' McCoy by Betsi Ashton (21)
  • How Time Flies by Helen Sargeant (22)
  • O Fortuna 2 by T.A. Morris (30)
  • The Single Red Flower by Madeline C.A. Pratt (41)
  • World's End by Andrew McGee (44)
  • Gol Achieved by Sue Bursztynski
  • art by Greg Franklin (front cover), Robert Jan (back cover), Andrew McGee, Pam Randall

Issue 43

cover of issue #43

Spock 43 was published in 1986 and is 50 pages long. This may have been the issue where Cherry Wolfe steps down as editor and the zine goes into a hiatus.

  • Conversation In The Dark (Sarek and Amanda) (2 pages)
  • By Any Other Name (Smells like a rat) (2 pages)
  • O Fortuna (Post Star Trek III) (13 pages)
  • Pestilence, Plague and The Klingon Empire (Reviews of The Final Reflections and Pawns and Symbols) (4 pages)
  • Sword Song (Klingon) by Sue Isle (2 pages)
  • Bran The Unblessed 2 (Bran) (3 pages)
  • Desperado (Spock and Christine) (2 pages)
  • O Fortuna (Brennan going after Kirk) (15 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 43

SPOCK has always contained some of the best writers in Australia, and this issue keeps up the tradition. Many of the pieces in this issue are short (no more than 3 pages) and of a humourous nature. The best example being Robert Jan's BRAN THE UNBLESSED. Master of the Pun, Robert's 'groan' style is a fun read. After having to leave Dune,-the bottom had fallen out of the snack market because of the Bene Gesserit Sand Witches, Bran finds himself on Vulcan with a lot of very straight Vulcans! So continues the adventures of Bran, cursed to roam space till he meets his match at punning. Sue Bursztynski, a clever lady with subtle plots, gives a variation on a theme with CONVERSATIONS IN THE DARK. Everyone is always questioning the parentage of Spock and Saavik, but has anyone ever mentioned Sarek's? To say more would spoil the story.

There are longer pieces in SPOCK, in particular, O FORTUNA by T.A. Morris. It's a continuing saga about the adventures of Kirk and company, that I've only just come in to, having missed the earlier part. But I didn't feel left out and enjoyed Teresa's style which paints a good picture and plot. Like most zines, SPOCK has its poetry. Sadly, most was a non-event. I can only take so much of 'odes' to Kirk and Spock, etc. But I'm being unfair. My tastes in poetry are classical and I find the dwelling on the friendship of the Big 3 rather syrupy. However, one poem did stand out. FRONTIERS by Sue Isle. Nothing cutesy here, folks. Sue really captured the gains and the losses in ST III, and in so doing tied up the whole meaning of Trek and it has spanned the years. Brilliant. Now, amongst the fiction there stands PESTILENCE, PLAGUE & THE KLINGON EMPIRE by Gail Adams. This article is excellent; a well-written report marrying together the two Klingon novels, THE FINAL REFLECTION by John M. Ford, and PAWNS & SYMBOLS by Majliss Larson. The only minus side to SPOCK is the lack of artwork and the layout. This is one case where you shouldn't: judge a zine by its cover. Were it not for the amusing cartoons by Robert Jan, SPOCK would be visually boring. Where are all the Aussie artists? Let's face it, how many of us are drawn to a zine by the brilliant art on the cover and within the pages? SPOCK deserves better than a rough cover drawing. Even one of Robert's cartoons, suitably enlarged, would have helped. Then there's the layout. Sometimes, a zine devoid of art can look quite elegant if well laid out. Alas, poor SPOCK, Lots of pretty letraset headings don't improve the situation. And poems crammed under the last paragraph of a story is confusing and messy.

But, for all its visual faults, SPOCK 43 is a very good read. You may not want to display it on your coffee table, but you'll enjoy curling up in a comfortable chair to absorb this zine. And I think it will inspire you to get further issues. [9]

Issue 44

Spock 44

cover of issue #44

Issue 45

filk from issue #45
art from issue #45, Gail Adams
cover of issue #45

Spock 45 was published in October 1986 and is 60 pages long.

  • Editorial by Pam Rendell (1)
  • Contents Page (2)
  • Stowaway by Helen Sargeant (little boy) (3)
  • Prime Directive by Sue Isle (12)
  • The Price by Sue Bursztynski, (A mirror universe tale) (15)
  • O Fortuna (Riley) by Teresa Morris (19)
  • Who Mourns by Charlie "X" (30)
  • A Matter Of Trust by Charlotte Davis (Stonn) (32)
  • Into Darkness by Sue Isle (Torg) (reprinted in Agonizer v.2 n.2 in 1990) (47)
  • The Final Seat of Victory by C. Andrew Hooper (49)
  • The Broken Bond by KumaBachi (50)
  • The Adventure Continues by KumaBachi (51)
  • The Champion by Sue Bursztynski (Kirk’s past loves) (53)
  • The Two of Us, filk by Stephen Dedman (60)
  • art by Gail Adams and Malcolm English

Issue 46

Spock 46 was published in 1987 (first issue of the year) and contains 66 pages.

inside page from issue #46, art by Gail Adams
cover of issue #46
  • Editorial (1)
  • Contents Page (2)
  • Letters Page (3)
  • The Meglia Incident by Teresa Strati (5)
  • ... So Shall Ye Reap by Robert Jan (16)
  • Incident on Tara by Sue Bursztynski (17)
  • O Fortuna by T.A. Morris (21)
  • The Voyage Back by C. Andrew Hooper (24)
  • Private by Luigina M. Sheridan (25)
  • Home, Please James by Jenny Bozovic (26)
  • Reality and Cliche by Helen Sargeant (27)
  • Revelation! by Anonymous (33)
  • A Group of One by C. Andrew Hooper (34)
  • Asleep at the Wheel by Charlie X (36)
  • Spock's Answer by Jenny Bozovic (38)
  • What is "It" (answer to page 33) by Anonymous (38)
  • Prologue (40)
  • Earth Games by Sue Isle (41)
  • A Time That Was by KumaBachi (63)
  • art by Gail Adams, Lynn Bartlett, and Malcolm English

Issue 47

cover of issue #47

Spock 47 was published in 1987 and contains 62 pages.

  • Under the Starry Heavens by Irwin Lowe (ST)
  • No Escape by Katherine Kennedy (Klingon)
  • The Widow's Bite by Mat Nichol (ST)
  • Afterwards by Helen Sargeant (ST)
  • Courage is Only a Word by Vonne J. Shepard (ST)
  • art, poetry, etc.

Issue 48

Spock 48 was published in 1988 and contains 82 pages.

cover of issue #48
1988 flyer for issue #48
  • fiction by Sue Isle, Helen Sargeant, Sue Bursztynski, Theresa Morris, Craig Hooper, Irwin Lowe
  • artists include Andrew McGee, Gail Adams, Mike McGann, Sally Poole, Irwin Lowe, Pam Rendell and Robert Jan
  • No Bones Abouit It by C. Andrew Hooper (ST)
  • Sometime, Somewhen by Kumabachi (ST)
  • Legacy of Life by Irwin Lowe (ST)
  • Fragments: Fragmental as Anything by T. A.Morris (ST)
  • For the Good of the Service by Helen Sargeant
  • Colours of the Sky by Sue Isle (ST)
  • Under Different Skies by Irwin Lowe (ST)
  • Logic Problem by Helen Sargeant (ST)
  • poetry

Issue 49

Spock 49 was published in 1987 and contains 66 pages.

cover of issue #49
  • Letter to the Colonies by Sue Bursztynski (ST)
  • A Candle in the Forest by Sue Isle (ST)
  • Sting in the Tail by Robert Jan (STTNG)
  • Confrontation by Andrew McGee (ST)
  • No Tribble at All by Helen Sargeant (ST)
  • T'Pirve by Charlotte Davis (ST)
  • Two of a Kind by Jenny Bozovic (ST)
  • A Question of Honor by Alison Wallace (Klingon)
  • art, poetry, etc.

Issue 50

cover of issue #50
1988 flyer, click to read

Spock 50 was published in 1988 and is 105 pages long.

  • The Probability of Proble by Sue Bursztynski and Helen Sargeant (T’Pau, Sarek & Amanda) (15 pages)
  • Requiem by Irwin Lowe (Rescue ship story to Enterprise) (16 pages)
  • A Dish Best Served Cold (Diplomatic Dinner) (4 pages)
  • The Bulgaria Incident by Teresa Strati (Diplomatic conference) (26 pages)
  • Now Thrive the Armourers by Robert Jan (Klingon) (19 pages)
  • The Testing by Charlotte Davis (Stonn and T’Pring) (18 pages)
  • Hey, Doesn’t He Sound Like a Vulcan (Nicholas) (2 pages)
  • art, poetry, filks, by Robert Jan, Bernice Cuffe, Irwin, and others

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 50

Spock has reached its half-century. Congratulations. I wish that the stories for the fiftieth issue were more interesting. Somehow, they fell flat. Come on, create some controversy; be daring; kill off someone or produce a court martial with a guilty verdict. Perhaps it's today's weather - hot, humid, 37 °C.

'The Testing" examines T'Pring's release from her status as a chattel. Well written and worked out, I found it lacked a certain sparkle provided by 'The Problem". Killing off Vulcan males after their fourteenth time of mating in the forty-second year seems to be a waste - surely they have some other solution? This one is told with tongue firmly in cheek, isn't it. Sue & Helen? Brian Bouyne and Co — um, too much froid and not enough chaleur or perhaps too much sans-facon to make it enjoyable. So we have "The Belgaria Incident' - a routine style yarn with predictable results, only David Michaels emerges as the victor by conquering his phobia. Robert Jan's Klingon serial once again shows us the Empire's need for new territories. Redemption of honour with attendant glory seems to be the preoccupation of the crew. Somehow you know one of the ships will go to the Black Fleet. Why can't they do something else instead of always having to conquer? Isn't there a Klingon version of Surak?

SPOCK had produced good stories over the years, however, the quality of the zine has suffered from author's block. You can only work out so many scenarios. Come on, if your idea seems too controversial, use a pen-name - keep it to yourself and the editor only. Try a story in letter form, it can work. Read Daddy Long Legs or Spockanalia #5. Give it a try. You can only see your name in print if you do! [10]

Issue 51

Spock 51 was published in 1988 and contains 61 pages.

front cover of issue #51
1988 flyer for issue #51
  • With the Going Down of the Sun by Sue Isle (Scotty mourns for his lady.)
  • Shanz-O by Christine Foster (Bones confronts a family crisis.)
  • Sleight of Hand by Robert Jan (Kirk has some ship problems again and Scott solves them.)
  • It's a Small Galaxy by Jenny Bozovic (McCoy receives some family news.)
  • Letting Your Hair Down by Heather Anthony (McCoy tries to show Spock a good time camping.)
  • Star Trek: TNG stories by Helen Sargeant, Marion Mac Nally and Andrew McGee
  • art by Bernice Cuffe, Robert Jan, Gail Adams, Greg Franklin, and others

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 51

Great issue from 'Consequences' - a story of Klingon manipulation gone wrong to 'Shanjo - the Dictionary' which was not what Leonard McCoy expected, understanding and compassion of a situation outside of his control. But my enjoyment was reserved for Sue B's 'The Fed's Burden' - hi ya, Spocko! Two other pieces deserve praise: "Never The Twain " where Deanna's father's identity is speculated, and "Fortune Taxed By Execution' which was set on the ISS Enterprise and chilled us all with its cold-blooded assumptions. Would Spock really want to keep this man? I would expect to see a follow up soon. [11]

Issue 52

Spock 52 contains 96 pages, some Star Trek: TNG content.

Issue 53

cover of issue #53

Spock 53 published in 1988, has 72 pages long and contains 12 stories.

  • Christmas Blues by Marina Butler & George Ivanoff (ST)
  • A Friend in Need by Helen Keele (ST)
  • No Way Out by Rebecca McGroarty & Helen Pasquill (ST)
  • But, To Live By the Sword Part 2 & 3 by Tracey Coughlin (ST)
  • The Daedalus Device by T.A. Morris (Klingon)
  • Letter From Sensell by Helen Sargeant (STTNG)
  • The Empire Strikes Bones by C. Andrew Hooper (ST)
  • Data's Dilemma by Jenny Bozovic (STTNG)
  • Breakaway by Alison Wallace (Klingon)
  • Dynar by Teresa Strati (ST)
  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Use the Processor by T. L. Webster (ST)
  • art, poetry, etc.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 53

I found SPOCK 53 hard to follow and relate to in some of the humor and stories. It was fun however just knowing it came from Australia!! Probably it was just my own fault I couldn't understand some of it. One series [is] called "To Live by the Sword" by Tracey Coughlin and I am looking forward to find out what happens in her next one. Also, I enjoyed very much a hilarious 2-1/2 page story by T. L. Webster about Kirk having a bad day on the ENTERPRISE. A real gem. [12]
Quality is down again, or is it? 'A Friend In Need' - Scotty (for once) being the comforter. 'Christmas Blues' and 'Data's Dilemma" focus on certain inabilities aliens face when encountering humans. Shame that they exile Deanna - it's about time Starfleet developed standards for encountering telepathic races stronger than now known. It is a mistake to publish two installments of a serial together. The impact of suspense is lost. This is also the second time I have met an Elizabeth who just happened to be Kirk'a daughter! The serial in question is good out as stated before, the puzzle has been set up too early. As for the inter-relationships between her characters, Tracy should study the scripts a little more. Bones usually uses 'Jim' when under stress as does Spock. Also, I wonder what Elizabeth has had to do with the Klingons. Is she in part responsible for the crisis itself? Elizabeth has a personal crises too, so one assumes from the situation, McCoy will be Devil's Advocate again. Why not use someone else on occasion? Only time will tell. 'Data's Dilemma' brings forth the age-old question of WHO AM I? I concede that we are shaped by events and education. Data is merely trying to understand. On occasion, he misses, but he soldiers on ever hopeful. In 'Breakaway', T'Laan finds her orders in conflict with her growing dislike for the Empire's methods. She should start the resistance. [13]

Issue 54

cover of issue #54

Spock 54 was published in 1989 and contains 25 stories and 128 pages. Its theme was The Rise and Fall of the Federation. It covers the time periods from Pre-Federation, the Original Series, through Star Trek: TNG.

  • Prefederation (7)
  • Me by M. Plumridge (8)
  • Orders are Orders by I.J. Turner (9)
  • Prereformation by Oregano (16)
  • The Legend Begins (17)
  • Entreaty by M. Plumridge (18)
  • Time of Transition by C.A. Hawkins (19)
  • Shoreleave... of sorts! by R. McGrecarty (35)
  • The Grin and Bear it Incident by J. Bozcvic (43)
  • That's Life by A. Livings (44)
  • The Myth Continues (47)
  • Epilogue/Prolgue by M. Plumridge (48)
  • The Enterprising of Promeade [?] Green by T.A. Morris (49)
  • A Journey's Song by G. Manley (54)
  • But, to Live by the Sword, part 4 by T. Oliphant (56)
  • Vigil by M. Plumridge (66)
  • The Witch's Curse by Sue Bursztynski (57)
  • Haiku for Jim Kirk by Robert Jan (69)
  • The Next Generation (71)
  • Heroes and Dreamers by M. Plumridge (72)
  • Trust of My Enemies by S. Isle (73)
  • Haiku for Worf by Robert Jan (90)
  • Haiku for Crusher by Robert Jan (90)
  • Haiku for Jean-Luc Picard by Robert Jan (90)
  • Hypothetical Conversation by G. Ivanoff (91)
  • Ferengi Huckstering Song by R. Jan (92)
  • Their Strangest Voyage Yet by C.A. Hawkins (93)
  • Anatomy of a No. 1 by G. Franklin (100)
  • Dreamtime by H. Sargeant (101)

Issue 55

cover of issue #55

Spock 55 was published in January 1989 and contains 94 pages.

  • Eve of Deliberation by Marianne Plumridge (6)
  • Deserts of Vast Eternity by Jan MacNally (10)
  • Trek into Destiny by Geoff Allshorn (18)
  • The Gift by Charlotte Davis (26)
  • But to Live by the Sword by Tracey Oliphant (35)
  • Star Trek: The "G" Generation by Yuri Trembath (44)
  • Kirk's Quandary by Helen Staker (46)
  • Star Trek for Beginners by Helen Sargeant (47)
  • Mr and Mrs Riker by Andrew and George Ivanoff (55)
  • One Last Farwell by Marianne Plumridge (57)
  • The Samp Thing's Dilemma by M. Perry (60)
  • Machines by Marion MacNally (61)
  • I See by I.J. Turner (64)
  • Sunlight Waking by Sue Isle (66)
  • When the Bug Bites by Wendy Purcell (79)
  • This Means War! by Sue Bursztynski (89)
  • Spock's Brain by C.A. Hawkins (90)
  • Letters of Comment (92)
  • art by Bernice Cuffe, Wendy Purcell and others

Poetry and Filksongs:

  • Guardians of the Dream by Wendy Purcell (5)
  • Tanka by Oregano (7)
  • Shanha - Starwoman by Marianne Plumridge (9)
  • The Lyre by Roslyn Von Werstak (23)
  • The Captain of the Enterprise by Robert Jan (24)
  • Memories by Anita Livings (32)
  • Thoughts of an Acting Ensign by George Ivanoff (56)
  • Worf, the Tragic Klingon by Robert Jan (76)

Issue 56

front cover of issue #56, Gail Adams
back cover of issue #56

Spock 56 was published in 1989, is 128 pages long and contains 13 stories. It is a "Villains Issue."

This issue is the last one edited by Gail Adams.

From the editorial:
.....Star Trek also specialized in the lovable rogue, the likes of Harry Mudd, Cyrano Jones and Gary Mitchell (although he got a bad case of ego). STTNG produced the Q, an irascible and infuriating but charismatic villain who is the bane of Picard's life! And who could forget the enigmatic Khan. Oh, what fun and entertainment we get out of our wicked ones! This issue features some of Star Trek's favourite villains including Khan, the Klingons, the Ferengi, Q, and the Roms. And a sort of christmasy story involving a planet full of elves and pixies. ...
  • Intimate Reflections by Geoff Allshorn (3 pages)
  • A Stitch in Time by Sue Bursztynski (9 pages)
  • Joachim's Grief by Wendy Purcell (1 page)
  • We Are the Children of the Next Generation by Geoff Allshorn (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (23 pages)
  • Romulan's Dance by Oregano (1 page)
  • McCoy’s Painful Planet by Helen Staker (14 pages)
  • What a Piece Of Work Is A Klingon (Artwork) by Mike McGann (4 pages)
  • The Ozymandias Syndrome (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION Draft Television Script Outline) by Robert Mirnik (10 pages)
  • Joker’s Match by Sue Isle (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (13 pages)
  • Bats in the Bejewelled Belfry by Wendy Purcell (STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION) (14 pages)
  • Destinies (Science Fiction) by Helen Sargeant (3 pages)
  • Tourist Trap Part 2 Contains Descriptions of Battle) by Robert Jan (6 pages)
  • Warzone by Robert Jan (1 page)
  • Letter of Comment (127)
  • art by Roslyn Von Werstak, Bernice Cuffe (back cover), Wendy Purcell, Marianne Plumridge, Gail Adams (front cover), Mike McGann, Bill Kenedy, Robert Jan

Issue 57

Spock 57 was published in 1990 and contains 120 pages.

front cover of issue #57, Gail Adams
back cover of issue #57, Mike McGann
From the editorial:
Welcome to Spock 57 The Women of Star Trek why this theme? Well, in part because the women of Star Trek (especially classic Trek) are rarely the focus of much attention in fanfic, and that, therefore, there was a need for something like this. We had originally planned a "Beverly" issue but didn't think the theme was broad enough to inspire a lot of material. And also because it gave us some marvelous scope for inspired artwork! In this issue, as well as many old favourites, we introduce some new writers to you, Karen Mitchell starts us off with a look at Kirk in his pre-Starfleet days. Michelle Perry, who is well known in print in North America, has written a series of poems and a story about Amanda and Sarek, which I hope you enjoy. As previously mentioned, part of the appeal of the women's theme, was the potential art work it would generate. The result of this has been a superb collection (even if I do say so myself) of art which has been presented in the centre of the zine as a folio. ...."
  • Editorial by Wendy Purcell (4)
  • I Wonder by Karen Mitchell (5)
  • Star Trek 5 1/2 The Final Dream by George Ivanoff (8)
  • Beginnings by Helen Sargeant (9)
  • Enterprise Revisited by Geoff Allshorn (15)
  • Zarabeth - A Memory by Marianne Plumridge (17)
  • Family by Jennifer Bremner (18)
  • For the Want of Thread by Michelle Perry (22)
  • The Tangled Web by Michelle Perry (24)
  • The Untangling by Michelle Perry (32)
  • Custom by Michelle Perry (33)
  • Wings by Michelle Perry (34)
  • The Verdict by Samantha Dare (35)
  • McCoy's Painful Planet: Part 2 by Helen Staker (36)
  • Crossroads by Robert Mirnik (73)
  • Enemies Like These by Sue Bursztynski (80)
  • Parting is Such Sweet Sorry by George Ivanff (82)
  • An Unnatural Way to Travel by I.J. Turner (83)
  • Ael's Song by Alison Wallace (84)
  • Chess by Tracey Oliphant (85)
  • If Music Be the Food Of Love, Play On by Geoff Allshorn (105)
  • Unfortunate Accidents by Robert Jan (108)
  • Letters of Comment (112)
  • art by Bernice Cuff, Andrew McGee, Wendy Purcell, Robert Jan, Marianne Plumridge, Gail Adams, Madison, Roslyn Von Werstak, Mike McGann

Issue 58

cover of issue #58, Wendy Purcell

Spock 58 was published in January 1990, one of the pieces is a Blake's 7 crossover.

  • Editorial by Wendy Purcell (4)
  • Anniversary by Greg Allshorn (5)
  • Can I Quote You on That? by Samantha Dare (8)
  • Memories by Karen Mitchell (9)
  • Kirk Spock Mind Meld by Marianne Plumridge (14)
  • Crossroads by Ian Bedier and George Ivanoff (15)
  • Dianna by Tracey Oliphant (20)
  • Back to Star Trek by Samantha Dare (30)
  • Nice Puppy by Jennifer Bremner (33)
  • Donor by C.A. Hawkins (38)
  • The Promise by Marianne Plumridge (40)
  • Netherworld by Robert Mirnik (41)
  • New Beginnings, part one by Barbara Maxwell (45)
  • Birds of a Feather by Sue Bursztynski (60)
  • Moon Halo by Teresa Sarick (63)
  • First Contact by Helen Sargeant (64)
  • The Menu by Helen Staker (68)
  • Yesteryear & a Day by Geoff Allshorn (69)
  • Anytime, Anywhere by Robert Jan (72)
  • To Boldly Go by George Ivanoff (73)
  • Spock LoCs (74)
  • art by Gail Adams, C.E. Ballis, Bernice Cuffe, Robert Jan, Roslyn Von Werstak, Andrew McGee, Tracey Oliphant (back cover), Wendy Purcell (front cover)

Issue 59

Spock 59 was published in 1990 and contains about 62 pages. It was edited by Wendy Purcell.

front cover of issue #59, Gail Adams
back cover of issue #59, C.E. Ballis
From the editorial:
.....So this is our murder mystery, I hope your curiosity is piqued. We've got Q, Moriarty, Dixon Hill, Sherlock Holmes, both classic and Next Gen characters and, of course, Craig Hooper's Len McCoy PI. I'm finding that our theme issues attract the most contributions and generate the most comment. Next year, as well as the Mirror, mirror issue which will be out early in the year, I'm planning an issue on war...........Again, we've tried to break out, or at least stretch some of the perceived boundaries of Star Trek fan fiction with #59. It's not unusual to hear that writers are frustrated by what can be seen as the limiting format of Star Trek. Not so!! Choose your universe, you are limited only by boundaries that you create yourself. We have some very diverse theme stories this time around that illustrate this point, see what you think. We're also experimenting with art, trying work not limited to one page and using some unfamiliar styles , (at least in fan art) .......
  • Editorial by Wendy Purcell (4)
  • Fleeing the Nest by Helen Sargeant (5)
  • Motives for Murder by Karen Mitchell (8)
  • Holodeck Dream by Oregano (15)
  • Q Dun It by George Ivanoff (16)
  • Full Circle by Geoff Allshorn (23)
  • A Hole New Security by Jeffrey A. McNair and Tracey Oliphant (28)
  • It is Very Effective, Captain by Lu Sheridan (48)
  • Cards & Brandy & Vodka by George Ivanoff (50)
  • The Maltese Galah by C.E. Ballis (52)
  • the Federation Enquirer by C.A. Hawkins (62)
  • New Beginnings, Part two by Barbara Maxwell (64)
  • The Joke by George Ivanoff, Rebecca McGroaty and Helen Steer (79)
  • When Scotty Comes Beaming Up Again by Robert Jan (81)
  • A Nightmare on Bones Street by C.A. Hooper (83)
  • Spock LoCs (89)
  • art by Gail Adams (front cover), C.E. Ballis (back cover), Robert Jan, Mike McGann, Andrew McGee, Tracey Oliphant, Wendy Purcell and Roslyn Von Werstak

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 59

Spock 59, published by Austrek, is just what it says, a collection of mysteries, although they did not all involve murders. In fact, not everything was a mystery, either. One of my favorite parts of the zine was a filksong entitled "When Scotty Comes Beaming Up Again," to the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again." Another was a take-off on The National Enquirer type newspapers (?!!!?) purporting to be a confession by Amanda of Vulcan. My third favorite piece was a very short story involving Doctor Pulaski. Yes, that's right, Pulaski! I have to say that I kind of miss her on TNG, although I would prefer Beverly Crusher for my doctor if I happened to become ill on NCC1701-D (of course, I'd really prefer McCoy, but one has to take what one can get). The zine also includes a piece entitled "New Beginnings" which is an alternative to ST.TV Unfortunately, this is part two; part one was evidently in an earlier volume of Spock. I think it would be more enjoyable had I read the first part of the story. I would recommend this zine to anyone who is a mystery reader, and expect to order other issues in the future. [14]

Issue 60

Spock 60

Issue 61

cover of issue #61

Spock 61 was published in 1991 and edited by Wendy Purcell.

Issue 62

Spock 62

Issue 63

Spock 63

Issue 64

cover of issue #64, Robert Jan

Spock 64 was published in 1993, edited by George Ivanoff.

  • Editorial by G. Ivanoff (3)
  • The Butterfly by P. Kerslake (5)
  • Oasis by S. Bursztynski (14)
  • The Calm Before the Storm by A. McGee (24)
  • The Auction by J. Callard and J. Bos (31)
  • In the Name of Science by G. Ivanoff (44)
  • Float Upon a Wild and Violent Sea by C.A. Hooper (45)
  • Data and Friend by K. Shade (55)
  • Honour and Turst by Silk (60)
  • For Flint, No Joy in Eternity by J. Callard (87)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before by P. Kerslake (88)
  • Deja Vu by C.J. Brennan (90)
  • Hololock by P. McGee (95)
  • The "U Beaut" Do It Yourself Guide
  • To Emergency Saucer Separation by G. McCrabb (99)
  • Itch by L. Bresaz (101)
  • Spock LoCs (107)
  • art by Gail Adams, C.E. Ballis, Bernice Cuffe, Tracy Hamilton, Craig Hilton, Peter Hughes, George Evanoff, Robert Jan (covers), Michael McGann, Andrew McGee, Gabby Tambarrini, Zaquia Tarhuntassa, by Silvio Zanforlin

Issue 65

Spock 65 was published in 1994, edited by George Ivanoff.

cover of issue #65, Kerri Valkova
  • Editorial (3)
  • Journey's End by P. Kerslake (5)
  • Poem by J. Woods (6)
  • Unto the Breach Dear Friend by C.A. Hooper (7)
  • Reversi by K. Shade (15)
  • A Very Bad Day by P. Magee (19)
  • To Be Captain by G. Ivanoff (21)
  • The Legend Continues by A. McGee (23)
  • Hollow Victory by L. Bresaz (27)
  • We Have the Technology by I. Gunn (30)
  • Legacy of Oneness by J. Callard and J. Bos (31)
  • Doshi Gatai Heritage of Inhumanity by J. Callard and J. Bos (36)
  • Star Trek 6 and a Bit
  • The Undiscovered Postcript by G. Tilley (38)
  • Bartender's Memories by S. Bursztynski (40)
  • Honour Among Rogues by Silk (45)
  • Only a Game by P. Kerslake (64)
  • Picard by K. Shade (74)
  • Skirts by M. Cicioni (78)
  • Exiled part four by C.E. Ballis (84)
  • Frontier's Edge by G. Ivanoff (92)
  • Spock LoCs (94)
  • art by C.E. Ballis, Bernice Cuffe, Ian Gunn, Marianne Plumridge, Wendy Purcell, Zaquia Tarhuntassa Kerri Valkova (front and back covers), Tracy Hamilton, Robert Jan and Andrew McGee

Issue 66

cover of issue #66

Spock 66 was published in June 1994, edited by John Prentice. From the editorial: "Welcome to the new-look SPOCK. Smaller, less-cumbersome and more importantly, cheaper... This issue has a death theme of sorts to it, and all the contributions, bar one, reflect this."

  • Mortal Thoughts: Burnt Sand by Nicholas Rigby (3)
  • The Prodigal Son by Jane Callard and Jana Bos (5)
  • At Death's Door by Katharine Shage (15)
  • What If? by Patricia Kerslake (22)
  • Destiny Versus Will by Ingrid de Bree (26)
  • Mortal Thoughts: Surfaces by Eleanor Sharpe (31)
  • Michi by Jane Callard (36)
  • Continuity by Jana Bos (38)
  • Mortal Thoughts: Dream State by John Prentice (40)
  • art by Gail Schultz, Bernice Cuffe, Angelo Keene, and Zaquia Tarahuntassa (sic)

Issue 67

Spock 67

Issue 68

Spock 68

Issue 69

Spock 69 was published in December 1994.

cover of issue #69
  • edited by Katharine Shade
  • Data's First Christmas by Ron Stein (3)
  • Au Revoir Mon Capitan by C.J. Brennan (8)
  • The Common Thread by Mary P. Watson (14)
  • Rascals No More by Mary P. Watson (19)
  • Royal Trouble on DS9 by Raelene Prislan (20) (crossover)
  • A Klingon Christmas by Stewart Hill (23)
  • Star Trek: Warriors part three by Paul C. Gascoigne (34)
  • Loose Ends by Jane Callard and Jana Bos (41) (crossover with Beauty and the Beast (TV))
  • art by Robert Jan and Zaquia Tarhuntassa


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