Marianne Plumridge

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Name: Marianne Plumridge
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blake's 7, Robin of Sherwood, Simon & Simon
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Marianne Plumridge is a well known Australian fan and professional artist. Her work has been included in many fanzines as well as appearing at several Worldcons. Her Robin of Sherwood artwork won her a Major Oak Awards. She also worked on the 1987 Eccentriconconvention, producing a charity art calendar to help raise funds. She also won a FanQ award for her Blake's 7 calendar. Her work in Under the Greenwood Tree won her several Major Oak Awards.


From the Medtrek #4 program book in 1991:

My art career had a few fits and starts during this time and I didn't start producing anything seriously until 1986. Boredom, loneliness, or a sense of purpose? You tell me. I suddenly found there were inspirations I had to paint and draw: Then came the 1987 Star Trek Calendar, and three paintings - the most I'd produced in a long time. It wasn't until 1988 though, that I started seriously playing with fantasy themes and new mediums, and I kept at it.

Because I couldn't bring myself to part with any of the paintings at first, I tried to find a way to share them with fellow fans. I made buttons from photos, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. So I brought a better camera, and turned the photos into cards, It's nice to know that people can collect my work and not have to face the possibility of not being abole to afford the originals. I hate disappointing people.

1990 was a big year for me. I had my first public presentation/exhibition in November 1990 at a metaphysical shop in Prahran, Melbourne. It was a reasonable success. I have memories of some lovely comments and great interest. Ken [the owner of the shop] is already planning the next showing on a larger scale. When I recover from my burn-out from the last one, I'll set to. The ideas are brewing...

I was also honoured with being awarded an ASFMA Award last year for Best Media Fan Artist for 1989, and this year I was a bit stunned to have been nominated for a Ditmar Award in the literary circles. I thank everyone who showed their appreciation for nominating and voting for me.

THE SCIENCE FICTION CONNECTION: I grew up in a household which has a special affection for science fiction. The only people who considered me strange for liking such things were some of my friends. My family loved it. Straight science fiction didn't appeal to me: I still considered heroes and heroines should come riding in on white chargers and chariots, and dragons. I discovered fantasy and the world of Anne McCaffrey, and many other fantasy authors and artists.

Then there was Star Trek. I stumbled onto Trek in 1980-81. There wasn't much available at that time on Trek and I gleaned as much as I could from where I could including penpals, and found fandom. Like all fan beginning stories, the rest is history. However, for me it was a focus for writing and drawing, and endless inspiration. Both Trek itself and the people who derive joy from it, the fans, are equally inspired and inspiring. I find that returning from conventions often enlivens me to 'get creative'. I'm hoping Medtrek IV will be no different.

I'm also a Blake's Seven and a Professionals fan, Sherlock Holmes, Robotech, Japanimation, Real Musgrave and Boris fan too. Okay, Okay... Star Wars, Labyrinth and Beauty & the Beast rate a mention as well....

I collect dragons and the occasional unicorn, unusually artistic fantasy greeting cards and photographs (media and some non) for my reference collection. I knit, I sew (clothes and crafts) and do crafty things in general too. eg dolls, fimo dragons, etc.

From her website, sometime after 2000:

Marianne's art history started in Australia, where she honed her black and white illustration skills for fan magazines ... In the meantime, she painted whatever ideas came to mind. Oil is her favorite medium, followed by Acrylic, Pastel and Pencil/Charcoal. For the past year though, Marianne has taken to using Alkyds because they dry faster than oils, while maintaining some of the joys of using oil paint. Branching out into other creative pursuits, Marianne has discovered the joys of sculpting. Super Sculpey is a favored medium and there have been great results in molding some of the sculptures and then casting them in resin. Her "Heartsong" sculpture was the recipient of a Chesley Award nomination in 2000. [1]




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