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Geoff in 2022

You may be looking for the fan, Geoffro.

Name: Geoff Allshorn
Alias(es): Stephen Stonewall, Stephanie Stonewall, Adrian Gaetano, Alec Gordensen, Gordon Boma, Glenda Barnes, Jack B Nimble
Fandoms: Star Trek, UFO, science fiction, the space program
Communities: LGBT+, human rights, Austrek, Spaced Out
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Geoff Allshorn started writing fan fiction as a child and this later progressed to newsletters and fanzines, including being founding editor/writer for Club News, The Space Age, The Captain's Log, Spock, Interceptor, These Are The Voyages, Diverse Universe, and Solar Spectrum.

Other zine contributions: MASC Newsletter, Trekkie Talk, Captain's Log Supplemental

He has been a member of various local and national SF clubs, and participant/contributor to various conventions, over the decades.[1] Allshorn is the founder of several clubs: these include the Melbourne Amateur Science Club in 1973, the Star Trek club, Austrek, in 1976, and the queer SF club, Spaced Out, in 1999.

His friendship with Diane Marchant helped to create Austrek and place it on a solid footing that has enabled the club to survive for nearly fifty years. In 2023, Austrek reaffirmed his Life Membership of the club, and also established the Allshorn/Marchant award for dedicated service to the club.

He was co-recipient of a Ditmar Award in 2002 for his work with Spaced Out.[1]

Geoff is past committee member, radio presenter, and co-editor for the Space Association of Australia.

His writing on the space program has been published in the Herald Sun[2], Sky & Space[3], The Skeptic[4], and his own humanist blog. He has also received awards for his human rights activism, volunteer work that aligns with his utopian science fiction ideals and humanist philosophies.

In 2016, he donated his fanzine and newsletter collection to the Special Collections section of Monash University library in Melbourne.



They include:


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