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Name: The Matrix
Date(s): March 31, 1999
May 15, 2003
November 5, 2003
December 22, 2021
Medium: Movies
Country of Origin: United States
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The Matrix is a cyberpunk action movie franchise created by Wachowski sisters, including three movies, The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), and The Matrix Revolutions (2003). The fandom exploded after the first movie came out.

Rumors of reboots or prequels abounded during the 2010s, and in 2019, a sequel, The Matrix Resurrections was announced. It premiered on December 22, 2021. This created a renewal of interest in the fandom.

The Matrix fandom often focuses on the canon Neo/Trinity ship. The movie's worldbuilding is also frequently used as a crossover or fusion/pastiche universe for fanworks in other fandoms.

Fanworks exploring trans themes are common in the fandom.


Hugo Weaving, who played the main villain, went on to play Elrond in The Lord of the Rings two years later, causing great cognitive dissonance in many viewers. Before The Matrix, he had not been well known outside Australia, except to fans of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a comedy about Australian drag queens.

Matrix Resurrections (2021)

After a long period of inactivity following the release of the third film in 2003, fannish interest was re-kindled along with a resurgence of fan theories with the release of a trailer for a fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections in early September 2021. The trailer featured Trinity and Neo reuniting--seemingly for the first time--in a coffee shop, spawning a number of Coffee Shop AUs exploring this plot point in advance of the film's release. Another clip depicting Neo in a bubblebath with a rubber duck on his head became a popular subject of memes and fanart.

Did you ever get really, really invested in the love between two characters when you were, oh, 11, 12 years old, and then when you saw them both die at the cinema, you went home and you held your sister and you wept together all night? And even though you’ve processed it since then, it still hurts to think about?

And then, 18 years later, you get a trailer for another instalment to their story that seemingly brings them back to life, and opens the door to a possibility that they might live happily ever after?? After all this time?!?! SOMETHING YOU HAD PREVIOUSLY NEVER ALLOWED YOURSELF TO THINK ABOUT?!

Anyway, how are you all doing?!?!!?![1]



Prominent pairings include:


Common tropes included examining the backstory and motivations for the character Cypher, creating crossovers or original characters to go through a similar introduction to the "Real World" like Neo did in the first movie, and exploring the milieu. Other fanworks place the characters in 'No Matrix' Mundane AUs.

Lana and Lilly Wachowski, the directors of the Matrix movies, are both trans women, and have encouraged transgender readings of their work. As such, transfic is common in the fandom.

Following the release of the John Wick series, another set of action films starring Keanu Reeves, same-actor crossovers and same-actor fusions between the two became popular.

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