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Transfic is a term used to denote fan fiction about transgender characters, usually characters who are not stated as transgender/transsexual in canon. The genre is relatively new, with the earliest story on record being Jane Sehrn-Ta's Star Wars fic, Changes, first posted to the Master and Apprentice mailing list in 2004.[1]

Since then the number of transfics has been steadily growing, especially in bandom, Harry Potter, and Stargate: Atlantis. The majority of the authors are trans or genderqueer themselves, many of whom are dissatisfied with traditional genderswap.[2] Homestuck also has a notable portion of its fanbase that produce transfic or artworks with trans characters, with a blog named Transstuck that compiles a suitable majority of the works on Tumblr and AO3. Much like its fellow fandoms, most of these works are produced by trans authors and artists.

Kyuuketsukirui maintains a multi-fandom transfic master list, formerly on Delicious[1], but now on Pinboard [2]. As of January 2013, the Pinboard masterlist contains over 500 fics in over 100 fandoms.


Some fans take issue with certain types of transfic, usually the ones written by cis authors whose fics they feel are formulaic, cliché, and an overly narrow view of the trans community. One major point of contention is how many of these fics have a trans character forcibly outed via a "shocking discovery" rather than having them come out on their own.

Fanworks Examples

Ace Attorney:


Assassin's Creed:


Harry Potter:


Revolutionary Girl Utena:

Teen Wolf:

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Marvel 616):

Yuri!!! on Ice:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • SPECTRUM, a zine "composed of art and fics centering around the theme of living transgender", predominantly by trans creators.




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