Attack on Titan

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Name: Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin)
Abbreviation(s): AoT, SnK
Creator: Hajime Isayama
Date(s): September 9, 2009 – present
Medium: manga, novels, anime, video games, live-action film
Country of Origin: Japan
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Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It has been serialized monthly in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since September 9, 2009. It is published in English by Kodansha Comics USA, as well as serialized online by Crunchyroll Manga. Attack on Titan was adapted into an anime by Wit Studio, with the first season airing in 2013. A second season has been announced for 2017. Several spin-off properties and other adaptation also exist, including other manga and anime, OVAs, light novels, video games, and live-action films.

The series is an international commercial success, with 60 million copies of manga in print as of September 2016. The first season of the anime boosted the series' popularity worldwide, receiving much critical acclaim. However, the series has also drawn some controversy, particularly among some of Japan's neighboring countries, due to its themes and the mangaka's personal views.


Attack on Titan is set in an alternate world that is dominated by massive, man-eating humanoid creatures known as Titans. Humanity survives by living within a set of three walls tall enough to keep the Titans out. However, at the start of the series, a Colossal Titan of a size never seen before destroys the wall of a border district known as Shiganshina. Several other Titans pour in and wreck havoc, including an Armored Titan that takes down the outermost of the three walls, Wall Maria. The surviving citizens of Wall Maria evacuate into the second wall's zone, Wall Rose.

The story focuses Eren Yeager, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Arlert, who lived in Shiganshina and survived the destruction. Facing the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father, Eren vows to get revenge on the Titans by joining the Survey Corps, a military branch devoted to venturing out into Titan territory in an attempt to reclaim the land. These soldiers utilize a tethering system called vertical maneuvering equipment (or 3D maneuvering gear) to jump from structure to structure and strike the Titans at their one known weak point-- the back of the neck.

Over the course of the series, the characters face Titans and other enemies, attempt to take back lost land, and grapple with mysteries such as the origin of the Titans, the mysterious appearance of the Colossal and Armored Titans, and the strange clue Eren's father gave him about the basement of his childhood home.


Fanart (including doujinshi), fanvids, and fanfiction are all common fanworks. As September 2016, there are over 30,000 Attack on Titan fanworks archived on Archive of Our Own. Cosplay is also very popular, particularly the series' military uniform and the most famous Titans.

Like with most popular anime/manga fandoms, there is both a Japanese fandom and an English-speaking fandom, as well as other pockets in other languages. Due to the language barrier, the Japanese fandom and the English-speaking fandom do not interact much, which the exception of doujinshi artists who have their work translated into English by fellow fans. There are concerns about re-posting doujinshi and fanart by non-English-speaking fans without permission, which causes some tension between the two communities.

The fandom exploded in size and activity with the release of the anime's first season, drawing in many viewers who had previously not heard of the manga. Since the anime does not completely adapt the manga's story, many viewers follow the manga after finishing the anime, while others decided to wait for the second season to come out. Because of this, there is an attempt to avoiding spoiling non-manga-readers. However, it is difficult to interact in the fandom fully without being spoiled.

The gender of the character Hange Zoe is the subject of some debate. Due the ambiguity of Hange's character design and the absence of gendered pronouns in the original Japanese, their gender was unclear. A female voice actor was cast for Hange in the anime, leading some fans to believe they are a woman. However, when asked about the subject, Isayama the mangaka gave ambiguous answers, essentially saying that fans could interpret Hange's gender however they liked. This leads other fans to say that Hange is non-binary or even male.


Most of the fandom is focused on shipping. The most popular ships are M/M. However, there are also some reasonably popular F/F ships and M/F ships thanks to a fairly large cast of well-developed female characters. Shipping wars can become vicious, particularly between fans of Levi/Eren Yeager and Levi/Erwin Smith. Furthermore, there is tension between fans who support ships involving characters who are underage according to Western standards and fans who believe this is problematic and even immoral. Since in-universe characters as young as 15 can become active military members, whether or not they are truly underaged is a common debate.


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