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Name: Pinterest
Owner/Maintainer: Ben Silbermann
Dates: December 2009 - present
Type: image bookmarks
Fandom: N/A
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Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service designed to enable saving and discovery of information (specifically "ideas")[1] on the internet using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos,[2] in the form of pinboards.[3] The images can be uploaded directly, grabbed from another URL, or "repinned" from an existing pin on the site.

Fans and various artists - fanwriter, fanartist, vidder and etc. - have used the site to save or share photos, fanworks, and memes. Pinterest has had a rise in SuperWhoLock content in the past few years, much of which is screenshots of text posts from Tumblr.

It is slightly common for authors to create specific folders for their characters in order to define a profile, such as a moodboard. Others use it to assemble references about landscapes and environments used in their works, as the setting for a particular scene, or the decor style of your character's room.

Pinterest includes a large amount of reposted, unattributed fanart including but not exclusively art already deleted by its creators or from private profiles, which leads to discussions about the use of the site. Some artists have already made it clear that they do not authorize their art to be reposted on the site. Due to this it is not uncommon for many pins to be summarily deleted and users informed that the removal was due to copyright violations.[4]

The site's publishing and search policies prohibit certain tags from being published and/or used, with notices to users that Pinterest does not support[4] this type of content, among them loli/lolicon, shota/shotacon and in a short period of time the term yaoi, yuri, boys love and lemon was also signposted, but not prohibited.

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