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SuperWhoLock is a crossover between the three mega-fandoms Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock, which formed a fandom of its own on Tumblr. The fandom would frequently overlap with other fandoms such as Harry Potter, Homestuck, and The Avengers.

A "SuperWhoLockian" is an individual who is an avid fan of all three shows. These fans are notorious for their SuperWhoLock-themed Tumblr URLs, which are sometimes very long. (See the Superwholock url generator.)

For a time, the fandom was ubiquitous on tumblr, which led to backlash from users who were annoyed by some of the fans' behaviors (most notably "hijacking" posts with gifs from the shows, making it literally impossible to scroll through your dash without seeing some trace of the fandom somewhere).

Some fans believe that there are connections between the shows. [1]


The first Tumblr post available in the "superwholock" tag is from 10 August 2011.[2] It is probable that other posts had been floating around before this time and either had not used the accepted tag, or have since been deleted (the August 10th post references an earlier post which has since been deleted by the original poster).[3] The earliest work with the "Superwholock - Fandom" tag on AO3 was posted 22 August 2012[4], but the first work tagged with the three fandoms separately was posted 16 January 2012.[5] The trend is harder to track on, which only allows crossover tags of two fandoms, but the first story with "superwholock" in the summary was posted on 3 January 2012.[6]

SuperWhoLock was most popular between early 2013-mid 2014.[7] However, its popularity utterly plummeted after that point. Various reasons for the decline in the fandom's popularity have been proposed, as chronicled in the post "I would pay top dollar for a comprehensive, source-supported explanation of how Superwholock vanished." Commonly cited reasons for the decline include:

  • Fans getting older / moving on to other fandoms, interests, and real-world responsibilities beyond high school
  • Critical scrutiny of the shows / debates about whether or not they're "problematic"
  • Waning fan enthusiasm for later seasons / uneven quality of later seasons
  • Long hiatuses and community isolation causing boredom and stagnancy, leading to an eventual oversaturation in the same types of fan theories and ideas, in turn leaving fans ultimately unprepared for the disorder wrought by any new content
  • Tumblr growing increasingly inaccessible and user-unfriendly as a website, leading to a decrease in user activity and more fragmented and insular communities
  • Dashcon (which coincided with the steep fall in SuperWhoLock's popularity) imploding the fantasy of tumblr as a "fandom haven" and making fandom culture unattractive to users writ large

Circa early 2013, the Bee Shrek Test in the House fandom—a memetic crossover involving Bee Movie, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Cory in the House—rose to prominence as a parody of popular crossover fandoms such as SuperWhoLock and Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons[8].


The most popular form of fanwork are gif-sets made to look like scenes where characters from the different shows are interacting, but it has also inspired fanfic, fanart, and vids.


  • Nothing Is As It Seems by GeorginoschkaVincen - A man from the sky, searching for his blue box. Two brothers who hunt demons while trying to find a cure for the Angel by their side. A doctor who solves crimes together with the most brilliant detective, until the crimes turn out to be more than human acts of violence. /Everything starts to change. Nothing is as it seems. / Moriarty is real, and he has plans. (April 2012 - January 2013)
  • The Unusual Suspects by NoLongerWritingFic - While out on a case, Sam and Dean find out the hard way that this was not the hunt they expected. Enter a mad man in a blue box, a retired army doctor, and the world's only consulting detective, it's clear they're all in for the long haul. Especially when the King of Hell decides he's interested. Once again, it's about the souls. And some souls are more valuable than others. (January 2012 - January 2013)



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