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SuperLock is a crossover between the two fandoms Supernatural and Sherlock, which had huge following from Livejournal, Youtube, and Tumblr. The fandom was most active in the early to mid 2010s before tapering off.

The most popular form of fanwork are gif-sets made to look like scenes where characters from the different shows are interacting, but it has also inspired fanfic, fanart, and vids that are styles to look like a trailer.

Example Fanworks

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


  • Truth and Dare by SuperWhoooCrankThatSouljaBoy, Explicit, Dean Winchester/Molly Hooper, Dean Winchester has been freelancing for a sex line for six months now. So he knows a prank call when he hears one. Not so much a prank, more like a dare, and Molly Hooper definitely called him on a dare. But, dare or not, Dean is a fucking professional. Mostly because he's learned that he gets fired if he's not a fucking professional. He goes through with the call, and as he does, he begins to find that while she may have terrible taste in friends, Molly is actually quite endearing. When she calls him back a few weeks later, he's pretty happy about that development. Especially since it's clear that she's got practically no clue what she's gotten herself into with this whole dom/sub stuff. What kind of person would he be if he didn't help her out? Saving people is part of the family business after all. (Phone Sex, Dom/sub)




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