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WhoLock is a crossover between the two fandoms Doctor Who and Sherlock, which has huge following from Livejournal, Youtube, and Tumblr.

The most popular form of fanwork are gif-sets made to look like scenes where characters from the different shows are interacting, but it has also inspired fanfic, fanart, and vids that are styles to look like a trailer.

The main characters in a WhoLock are generally Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from Sherlock, and The Doctor (usually the Eleven) and Amy Pond. Amy Pond/Sherlock Holmes and Doctor/Sherlock Holmes are popular pairings. Rose Tyler/Sherlock Holmes is also a common pairing for the crossover.


The first available use of the "wholock" tag on Tumblr is not related to the fandom, but its use suggests the term had been circulating prior to this date. The first post using the tag for fandom purposes was 13 September 2010.[1] The first Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover fic on Fanfiction.net was published on 12 December 2009.[2] The first crossover on AO3 appears to be from 6 August 2010[3] but the first use of the "wholock - Fandom" tag on AO3 was 20 December 2012.[4]

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