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Name: Amelia Jessica Pond
Occupation: Kissogram, Companion, Model, Journalist
Relationships: Rory Williams (husband), Melody Pond, Eleventh Doctor
Fandom: Doctor Who
Other: played by Karen Gillian (with Caitlin Blackwood portraying her as a child)
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Amy Pond is a character in Doctor Who, the companion of the Eleventh Doctor. She first meets the Doctor as a little girl and goes travelling with him as an adult, leaving on the night before her wedding to Rory Williams.


Amelia Pond is known as The Girl Who Waited. As a little girl, Amelia meets a newly regenerated Doctor when he crash lands in her back garden. She is frightened by a crack in her wall, which the Doctor investigates. The Doctor leaves in his Tardis promising to return in five minutes. She sits in her garden waiting for him to return, but it is 12 years before he does.

The Doctor and a grown up Amy Pond help the Atraxi recapture the escaped Prisoner Zero, an alien that has been living undetected in her house for the past twelve years. The Doctor leaves again, but returns two years later. Amy then becomes the companion to the Doctor. They were joined in the Tardis by her fiance (later, her husband) Rory Williams, with River Song occasionally making an appearance.

It was later revealed that Amy and Rory were the parents of River Song, and possibly the Doctor's in-laws. After a weeping Angel sends Rory back in time, Amy chooses to join him; knowing that she can never see the Doctor or River again. They can never return to New York city without causing a paradox. Amy and Rory adopted a son, Anthony Brian Williams, and lived out their lives in New York.

Alternate Timelines

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Fan Reactions

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There were early discussions and wank following Amy's first appearance, as it was revealed she worked as a kissogram. Amy was also more sexualized than former companions, kissing the Doctor when he came to take her away as his traveling companion. Much early wank related to whether or not kissogram was been used to imply Amy was a sex worker.[1]

Many fans were initially taken by Amelia Pond. As the season developed, some of those fans began to feel that Amy's character was being sidelined. Some fans felt that Amy's strength was being downplayed in order to make Rory appear stronger.

This episode is everything I hate about this season wrapped up in a neat little package. Fuck this shit, fuck it. This is not what I signed on for. Misogyny both casual and structural. Stories about men masquerading as stories about women. Who the fuck cares about Rory. Who the fuck cares about the Doctor. Who the fuck cares about Amy if the only version of her worth anything is the helpless, pretty, UNCONSCIOUS version with no agency.[2]

The Doctor calling Amy "Amy Williams" drew a strong reaction from many fans.

The one word I didn't like: "Williams." I could see where they were going, that Amy is to some extent in a state of arrested development and, even after her marriage, has been unable or unwilling to see herself as a truly adult person. She's still little Amelia Pond (UNEXPECTED CAITLIN BLACKWOOD!). But using her husband's name to signify growing up didn't work for me.[3]

Moffat, Amy Pond, and sexism:


Amy is most commonly paired with her canon husband Rory Williams. There is also a small following for Amy/Eleven, and the OT3 Amy/Rory/Eleven.

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