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You may be looking for the Doctor Who fanzine Timelord.

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The Time Lords are an alien people from Doctor Who. Female Time Lords are sometimes called Time Ladies. The Doctor himself is a Time Lord, thought for a time to be the last of the Time Lords.

In Canon

See the Tardis's entry for Time Lord

Time Lord Fanon

  • In Classic Who, the Doctor was shown drinking Ginger Beer on several occasions. The 5th Doctor once got drunk after been served a spiked ginger beer.[1] This may have led to the fanon belief that Timelords get drunk on ginger beer.
  • Timelord's necks are considered a erogenous zone. This may originate with an 8th Doctor audio story, where the Doctor gets a back and neck massage.

Time Lord AUs

Characters who are not canonically Time Lords are sometimes made into Time Lords in fanworks, especially when they are shipped with Time Lord or otherwise immortal character. Rose Tyler and Ianto Jones are frequent candidates.

James Bond is a popular Time Lord in crossovers and fusions. Sherlock Holmes and Castiel are also commonly depicted as a Time Lords or incarnations of The Doctor himself.

Example Fanworks



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