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Name: Castiel
Occupation: Angel of the Lord
Title/Rank: angel of Thursday, (formerly) member of Team Free Will
Location: Heaven, Earth, or under a lake (depending on which season)
Relationships: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Anna Milton, Uriel, Balthazar, Crowley
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by the actor Misha Collins
Castiel as he first appears to Dean in the episode "Lucifer Rising"
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Castiel is an angel who appears on Earth inside a human vessel called Jimmy Novak during the first episode of the fourth season of Supernatural. He is played by Misha Collins.

He is one of a group of angels who attack Hell in order to rescue Dean Winchester, a man who had sold his soul to bring his brother Sam Winchester back to life. Among all the angels, Castiel is the one who manages to reach Dean and rescue him, setting the stage for a deep and permanent bond between the two characters that is reflected throughout fan fiction and vids.

Canon Background

"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." ~ Castiel to Dean Winchester in Episode 4x01 Lazarus Rising

Castiel is one of a group of angels who arrive on Earth to stop the breaking of seals which will release Lucifer and start the Apocalypse. He soon learns that the leader of the angels, the Archangel Michael, has a different purpose in mind, namely to cause the Apocalypse, release Lucifer, and then kill him.

This does not sit well with Castiel who has been connecting with humanity and developing a bond with Dean Winchester. He tries to warn Dean of Michael's plans, but is punished. Ultimately he breaks allegiance with Heaven to side with humanity, thereby being stripped of his heavenly powers. Neither he nor the Winchesters are successful in stopping the last seal from breaking and Lucifer is in fact freed.

With Lucifer free to walk the earth and the angels gearing up to do battle, Castiel decides to try and find God, who has remained hidden and mysteriously silent for millennium. He eventually comes to believe that God is not interested in intervening to stop the Apocalypse, leaving him demoralized and without purpose. He rallies and works side by side with the Winchesters in an effort to stop the the battle between Michael and Lucifer.

  • [insert more about Castiel's character arc here through season 7].

In Fanon and Fanworks

As an attractive recurring male character, Castiel gained rapid popularity in the fandom.

His presence, starting in the first episode of Season 4 and frequently reappearing thereafter, inspired many fan writers, including a large subset of slash writers (and vidders and fanartists) who had not been comfortable creating fanworks for the extant juggernaut pairings for the fandom: an RPF pairing (J2) or an incestuous one (Sam/Dean).

He is most often paired with Dean (see the Dean/Castiel page), and more rarely with Sam (pairing name: "Sassy"), or with both Winchester brothers (Wincestiel), or with (usually just one of) his angelic siblings.

Some fics deal with how Castiel would react to losing his grace and becoming fully human, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and whether there would be physical or psychological side effects to his falling. Castiel is also often portrayed as asexual, as he also canonly doesn't show much interest in sex.

In AUs, Castiel is often given the last name Novak, in reference to his vessel Jimmy Novak. In High School AUs, Cas most often plays the role of the socially awkward nerd, often in combination with jock!Dean. Furthermore, he's often written to have grown up in a conservative and religious family, with other angels being his siblings, most often Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Anna.

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