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Asexuality is an umbrella term that encompasses both people who do not experience sexual attraction, as well as those who feel little attraction, or attraction conditioned to some factor.[1][2] Sometimes fictosexuals are considered ace, since they are only attracted to fictional characters and not real people, although ace community might define the two terms differently.

In fanworks, an asexual or "ace" character or relationship usually does not display much or any interest in sexual sensations. Fanworks that include asexuality range from rare to more prevalent depending on the fandom.

Ace Characters

Human characters specifically stated to be ace are rare. Ace headcanons are common in some fandoms. Sometimes, distinguishing between a common fanon headcanon and deliberate ace-coding can be difficult. Characters commonly perceived as ace include:

  • Archie Comics: Since the comics began, Jughead Jones was never a huge fan of women. The joke has been that he is in a relationship with food. Some fans feel that he was clearly coded as gay in the older comics, however in the 2016 issue Jughead #4 it is stated that he is asexual. In the CW show Riverdale, Jughead appears to be heterosexual. Jughead's orientation is a topic of much discourse in fandom.[3]
  • Assassin's Creed: Many fans have expressed the headcanon that Ratonhnhaké:ton ("Connor") is on the asexual/aromantic spectrum.[4][5][6][7]
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper is often cited as an example of a character who is asexual in canon.[8] Despite this, he does have sex in canon, and could be taken as an example of an asexual character that has had a sex life.
  • BoJack Horseman: Todd Chavez is an openly asexual character.[9]
  • Critical Role: Caduceus Clay is an aro-ace character from Campaign 2. In-game in episode 114, An Open Window, Caduceus says that sex is "not really for him"; Talesin later confirmed on Twitter that Caduceus was also aromantic in addition to the fact that Caduceus was planned as ace from character creation [10][11]. The revelation was especially meaningful to fans as it took place during Asexual Awareness Week.
  • DC Comics: Connor Hawke is canonically asexual.[12]
  • Dishonored: Head writer Harvey Smith confirmed on Twitter that the assassin Daud (antagonist of the first game and protagonist of the DLCs) is asexual. An in-game book says that "sex had never interested him".[13]
  • Doctor Who: Especially fans of the classic series often viewed the Doctor as being asexual. Some fans were therefore dismayed by the 'shippy vibes included in the newer series.
  • Dragon Age: Some fans interpret Cole as asexual due to the general disinterest in sex he shows during in-game dialogue. Cole's characterization is sometimes viewed as othering and infantilizing asexuality, since he is a naive, otherworldly spirit whose eccentricity and misunderstandings of the mortal realm are played for comic relief.[14]
  • Dreaming of Sunshine: The main character Nara Shikako is canonically aromantic and asexual, although the author, Silver Queen, has said she doesn't mind people shipping Shikako in their recursive fanfiction.[15]
  • Good Omens: Crowley and Aziraphale, as well as other celestial beings, are often interpreted as asexual (and possibly aromantic), due to a line in the book which describes angels as "sexless unless they really feel like making an effort". Some fans consider this an asexual relationship, while others use "making an effort" as a euphemism for sex. After the TV series was released, many fans expressed joy at a positive portrayal of asexuality, although others wished the relationship had been made explicitly romantic. Co-author and showrunner Neil Gaiman has expressed support for many possible interpretations, including asexual and aromantic ones. [16]
  • Leverage: Some fans think that Parker is ace.
  • Marvel: In 2023, it was revealed that Gwenpool is aroace.
  • Mass Effect: The salarians in general are considered to be an asexual race,[17] but the most prominent example of the salarians' asexuality within fandom is the character of Mordin Solus. While he eventually sees Commander Shepard as a good friend, he politely turns down any notion of a relationship with them -if they are not in a romance with another character at the time-, but adds that if he were to "try human", he would "try" Shepard (interestingly enough, he says this to both male and female Shepards).[18]
  • Les Misérables: Enjolras is often interpreted as being asexual, due to Hugo's description of him in the Brick.[19] However, Enjolras's sexuality is not clearly defined in any canon and is mainly understood through interpreting Classical allusions, and is accordingly one of the most commonly debated issues in the Les Mis fandom.
  • Mob Psycho 100: Shigeo and Reigen are commonly percieved as ace, especially Reigen due to a line where he asks Dimple if love requires sexual desire. This caused discourse on tumblr.
  • Monk: Adrian Monk has been interpreted as asexual by some fans, due to various factors in canon including a dialogue which indicates he and his wife never had intercourse.[20]
  • One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy is widely thought to be asexual, as he never shows interest in dating.
  • Raise de wa Chanto: Ume is asexual in canon, and identifies as such in the show. In season 1, she goes to a lesbian bar to see if it's just men she's not attracted to, and finds she's not attracted to women either. In season 2, she identifies as asexual and considers marrying a bisexual character to get his mother off his back about his boyfriend, with him going as far as to offer to write her a contract that they will never have any sexual contact.
  • Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan: Saiki Kusuo is commonly portrayed as ace or aroace, he often expresses disinterest in his romantic prospects in canon.[21]
  • Sherlock Holmes fandoms: The character of Sherlock Holmes is sometimes seen as being asexual.[22]
Some writers like exploring what this means for his possible romance with Watson. Holmes/Watson or Sherlock/John fic where Holmes and Watson first get together and Holmes is asexual and Watson is not often has some element of angst as they negotiate their romantic relationship. John is often portrayed as missing sex and many stories end in a compromise where their relationship has some consensual sexual element. One common plot in Sherlock BBC fanwork ends with Sherlock convincing a reluctant John that he is comfortable participating in some sexual activity with John.
Sherlock Holmes's brother, Mycroft, is also sometimes characterized as asexual and other characters rarely.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In 2005, the We Are Family Foundation released a music video featuring more than 100 well-known children's characters, to promote diversity and tolerance. Multiple conservative groups were offended and attacked Spongebob in particular, alleging that the cartoon series depicted SpongeBob and Patrick in a gay relationship. Creator Stephen Hillenburg made a statement in response that "We never intended them to be gay. I consider them to be almost asexual."[23] Many fans embraced this as canon.[24]
  • Stargate Atlantis: In SGA fic, the character of John Sheppard has multiple times been written as asexual.[25] This may in part be due to the fanon trope that he is touch-averse.
  • Trigun: Vash the Stampede has romantic storylines in canon but is often perceived as asexual.
  • Wooden Overcoats: Rudyard Funn is commonly perceived as and has been confirmed asexual via Word of God.[26]

Discourse and Discussion

Ace fans sometimes interact with fanworks differently than allo (non-ace) fans do. This has led to meta about canon and fanon, as well as discourse over headcanons and other aspects of fandom. Common discourse topics on Tumblr include headcanoning characters of color and autistic or otherwise disabled characters as ace.

Ace Characters and Sex in Fanwork

Some fans have expressed concern over the prevalence of ace characters, for whom sex is not a focus, being depicted having sex in fanwork. One fan writes this is perhaps an effect of allo people writing ace characters as well as a problem with the constraints of the romance genre in general:

Well, seeing as how 99% of the population is sexual, that's their frame of reference and they may have a hard time breaking out of that. Sadly, gen fic is pretty rare, and I've noticed that there are certain tropes for fics that involve romantic relationships. Unfortunately all of these tropes assume that romance invariably leads to sex, even if said sex isn't shown in the fic. It becomes an expectation of the genre (if fanfic can be classified as a genre), and a lot of people can't figure out how to work around that expectation. It becomes easier to figure out a reason why the ace character has to have sex than to go against the archetype of how romantic relationships in fictions are Supposed to Be.[27]

The pattern of ace characters altruistically entering into sexual relationships in fanwork is also criticized by other fans.

. . . the narrative of "I'm not sexual, I just like giving you handjobs" is one I can't relate to. It tires me to read stories about "ace" characters without seeing evidence that their relationship to sex actually differs from sexual people. It's not unthinkable for me that some aces would want to have sex, for a host of reasons, but I'm tired of the "magic, selfless ace, who just wants to please" trope. I'd love to read the "magic, selfless sexual, who just wants to please" trope, now; I think it's time to write some of that.[28]

Depictions of asexuality can be idealistic when it comes to the willingness of all ace characters to engage in sexual activity:

Honestly, I think the balance of ase-in-porn!fic vs. ace-no-porn!fic should be considered on a character by character, fandom by fandom basis. In some, it will definitely be more probable than others due to canonical characterization…. At the same time, I also admit to concern that all of the sex fic and happy endings will create a misconception that all asexuals will always be able and willing to compromise and that doing so is no big deal.[29]

Overall there is a lack of variety in relationship patterns in fanwork, especially involving asexuals:

[The "magic self-less ace" trope] can create unrealistic expectations of relationship dynamics that are difficult to pursue in real life. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be written, but too much would be troublesome. Eh, what we really need is a good bouquet of different fic types, so they can be compared and contrasted for possible usefulness as role models.[30]

On the other hand, fic about ace characters having sex can be a way for ace fans to explore their sexuality.

In addition, as one fan writes, the focus on discussing whether or not ace characters can have sex can distract from discussions on other ways writers can create harmful portrayals of ace people.

Most of the discussion of whether allo people can write ace characters all comes down to the same debate over and over: are you allowed to write ace people having sex or not? With responses ranging from “No, never!” to “Yes, always!” with rarely any nuance. But the fact is that there are just as many ways to insensitively write an asexual character in the most G-rated fics, and I never see any discussion on that. So I’m starting one myself![31]

Asexuality and Other Marginalized Identities

Headcanoning characters as both asexual and other marginalized identities can be a sensitive topic, out of a desire to avoid the stereotype of desexualising a group. This is especially common with headcanoning disabled characters as ace, or as both disabled and ace.

On the topic of headcanoning Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham as asexual, one fan writes:

there is a history in media of desexualizing disabled people. we are infantilized, over and over again, our sexuality stripped away from us.

disabled people can be sexual. many are. many also are met with “well how does that work,” or “does it work” (obviously that one applies to people with visible physical disabilities).

so i just would like to ask you to be thoughtful about headcanoning a physically disabled character as asexual, since media strips away not only our desirability, but our own desires as well. people who are visibly physically disabled are a fetish or undesirable in equal measures, and are often not allowed to want.

jewishgarygreen on tumblr [32]

However, marginalized ace fans exist, and many of them criticize this trend of avoiding writing ace characters that share a commonly desexualized identity. They argue that execution matters, and that it is important to represent the intersections of various identities.

In response to an unspecified post, one neurodivergent ace fan writes:

I want to keep this post fandom nonspecific since this is an issue EVERYWHERE I went, but the character in question for the “you can’t headcanon him as anything but white or it’s desexualization” accusation I saw (ironically written by a white person) a) is an adult, b) has confidently set boundaries for sexual activity, c) is unabashedly portrayed as receiving romantic interest & desire for the entire course of the show, and d) is the main character and almost always centered in fanworks. It’s practically a checklist for why the above wouldn’t apply. But with this lazy, harmful approach of “asexuality can’t be combined with any other marginalized identity,” it still gets the “problematic” label slapped on it. And let me tell you, the asexual PoC in the discords I’m in were NOT happy with that post telling them “just :) think about why this is wrong :))”

dathen on tumblr[33]

Inclusion in Queer Spaces

In 2010, it was brought to the attention to asexual_fandom members that the popular LGBTfest only allowed asexual characters to be the center of fics if they were also otherwise lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

For this fest we'd like to focus specifically on the experience of being LGBT, rather than on the more general experience of having a minority sexual orientation. So we're not including asexuality unless a character also identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.[34]

In response to this, community member theletterfour wrote an open letter to the festival moderators:

The second reason it is problematic is because your reason for excluding ace characters is officially stated as being because "We'd like to focus on the experience of being LGBT, rather than on the more general experience of having a minority sexual orientation." Do you realise how that statement sounds? Not only are you saying that the experience of other minority sexual orientations are somehow implicitly different from those of their LGBT peers, but you are saying that there is something that connects all LGBT people that is somehow more than just being a minority sexual or gender orientation. That's quite the claim. And the third reason it is problematic is because of what these connections that make up the "LGBT Experience" seem to be. That is, the issues LGBTFest aims to create fic about. The first two and to an extent the third are all issues that asexual people have to deal with, regardless of their romantic orientation. To say that the only asexuals you want to hear about are the homoromantic and biromantic asexuals is to say that you believe these are the only asexuals who have to deal with these issues. I know that is not what you are intending to say (at least, I hope that is not what you are intending to say, because I am an optimist), but that is how your position is reading.


As a result of the open letter, LGBTfest changed their policy on acefic.

I've talked to my LGBT Fest co-mod, and we're going to change the rules to allow prompts about asexuality. We certainly don't want to give the impression that asexual people don't exist, that their issues aren't important, or that there aren't overlapping issues between asexuality and being LGBT.

Personally, both of us define the term LGBT to mean "lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender," not to mean "queer." Those were the four particular minority experiences that we started this fest to focus on. Other queer experiences are also important, and clearly there's interest in stories about asexual characters, which is great.

Because of that interest, and because while being asexual is not identical to being lesbian/gay/bisexual, we don't want to imply that asexual issues aren't sexual orientation issues, we'll be accepting prompts about asexual characters, whether or not they're transgender or romantically attracted to people of the same gender.

I've changed the FAQ and will make sure that prompts about asexual characters that have already been submitted make it onto the final prompt list. Please feel free to leave prompts about asexual characters and to let other people know that they're welcome.


Further discourse occurred on fandom_secrets in the following days. Some commenters misunderstood the context as being about a broader LGBT community, while many more questioned the legitimacy of ace fans.[36] There were also criticisms of the change in policy.

Prompts involving asexual characters are now allowed in the comm. But personally I don't agree with that decision. Asexual people face legitimate challenges, but that doesn't mean they face the same challenges LGBT people do or that every LGBT space must also automatically be an ace space. Other minorities face legitimate challenges too, but they aren't trying to bawwww their way in to a fest that's not about them. Nor does setting up a fest for one particular minority group imply any kind of slight on other minorities. The mods are perfectly within their rights to say their fest focuses on LGBT experiences only. Sometimes it's just not about you.


The fest was already open to prompts about asexual characters who also identify as LGBT. Allowing people to also make prompts about asexual characters who are straight or heteromantic is really against the spirit of the fest.


Tagging on AO3

Tagging on Archive of Our Own is always a somewhat contentious topic. A user on the anon meme fail_fandomanon asked, "Nonnies, Character A is asexual but not aromantic. Should I use Character A/Character B or Character A & Character B in the relationship tag?"[39] which got a good spread of responses:

That's very obviously /. -1 on the tagging Asexual A. Unless the fic is about them being ace, there's no need for the tag.

-1, I wouldn't tag Asexuality unless it was a fic about exploring a character's asexuality, but tagging identity headcanons helps both people who share the headcanon to find it, and people who are strictly into different headcanons to avoid it.


I feel like it's like tagging for trans character when nothing in the fic really tells you the character is trans other than the absence of evidence of them being cis. It's like tagging mentioned ships with their relationship tags. False advertisement especially when nobody would know the character is ace without the tags saying it.

ayrt If that tag is the only way you'd know, and the only indication is they don't fuck, then yeah I wouldn't bother tagging it. Since the author thought it was important enough to mention in the initial question, I was assuming it was brought up in the fic, which I would tag for. Fics I would tag with Asexuality as trope in addition to the character tag would be things like character introspection about their sexuality or relationship negotiation between ace character and non-ace partner.

I disagree about not tagging with Asexual Character. This is how the "Asexual Character" tag becomes nothing but regurgitated issuefic product, if the only fics that use the tag are ones where it's all navel-gazing about asexuality. People complain about that all the time, but it won't change until people start posting fics that are just about asexual characters living their lives, while being asexual.

There's a middle ground between "this is thoroughly issuefic" and "you wouldn't know if I hadn't tagged it."

Example Fanworks


James Bond:

The perks of Constancy by superpolDate: Nov 2012
A James Bond/Q story about James Bond navigating his relationship with an asexual Q. Includes relationship negotiation.

Harry Potter:

love like the love in storybooks by dirgewithoutmusicDate: Nov 2016
A series of snippets on ace characters in the HP universe.


The Not Your Teaching Tool Job (AO3 link) by BlackEyedGirlDate: May 2010
Has Parker as a biromantic asexual in a relationship with Hardison and Eliot. The story revolves around her trying to explain to them her feelings on sex.

DC Comics:

What's Red And Black And Broken? by dofensphinxDate: Dec 2013 - Nov 2016
Harley just wants a normal life now, she wants to go to work and go home, handsome billionaires and villainous exs were not part of the plan, but nothing ever went according to her plans. (Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne)

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Rogers & Barnes: Partners by trieduntureDate: Nov 2014
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Steve and Bucky's friendship has been rocky ever since Bucky confessed his tender feelings and Steve left him out in the cold. Can asexual, completely-in-love-with-his-angry-best-friend Steve complete the mission and win Bucky's heart? (Yes)
The A in Team by orphan_accountDate: Dec 2012
Avengers OT6 with asexual Clint. Taking the OT6 from makeouts on the couch to the bedroom hits a snag when the team discovers that Clint is asexual and, while he's a big fan of all the kissing, he's really not interested in sleeping with anyone. The team are determined not to leave him out though - they just need to find something that works for everyone. (Incomplete)
love is for children and other lies by FahyeDate: Nov 2012
War is the child's emptiness, the surrender of identity, the transformation into a simple system: purpose goes in, action comes out. (Natalia Alianovna Romanova, and everything that she became.)
Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer by TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravelDate: Aug 2013
"Darcy was convinced it was going to become part of SHIELD’s oral history forever, like that time everyone on this one op was doused with sex pollen and the only one who didn’t screw someone senseless was then not-yet-deputy director Agent Hill, and Robards said it was because she was a frigid lesbian and Hill told him that the term was asexual and if he was going to be a bigoted asshole about it he could at least get her orientation right. And then Coulson made him go through the hardcore diversity and sexual harassment training as punishment, because everyone knew Hill and Coulson were bros." Maria Hill is honestly pretty happy with her life. (Story has been deleted - link via

Teen Wolf:

The Sum of Its Parts series by KouriArashiDate: Nov 2012 - Mar 2016
Includes an asexual relationship between Derek and Stiles, with Derek being asexual. While Derek's portrayal at the beginning may suggest he lost interest in sex due to sexual abuse, it is later cleared that he was always asexual.
Doesn't Add Up by Goldenpetal13Date: Dec 2012
Has an asexual Stiles and describes an evolution of his relationship with Derek.

BBC Sherlock:

A Love with No Name series by aceofhearts61Date: Apr-Jul 2011
In which asexual Sherlock and straight John are platonically in love life partners.


Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Yearning RAs by sevenimpossiblethingsDate: Aug 2016
A college AU in which Eames and Arthur are both Resident Advisors, and Arthur is asexual. (Arthur/Eames)
Leading with my heart by acidpop25Date: Dec 2011
Arthur may be asexual, but he and Eames are in love all the same. (Arthur/Eames)
Puzzles by enchantedsleeperDate: Nov 2016
Movie gap-filler which shows the progression of Ariadne and Arthur's relationship throughout the film, and an asexual Arthur grappling with his romantic feelings for Ariadne. (Ariadne/Arthur)

Fullmetal Alchemist:

The Inside of Emptiness by TierfalDate: Mar 2015 - Oct 2016
This series features an asexual/demisexual Edward coming to terms with his identity and navigating a romantic relationship as an asexual person (Roy/Ed.) Riza Hawkeye is also depicted as asexual in this universe.


The water is bluer in dreamscapes by Sa_kunDate: May 2013
Dean stops having sex after Hell. Actually, he was never that into it in the first place.
Redemption Arc by galaxysoupDate: Sep 2013
Castiel awakens in a forest with an empty feeling in his chest and a deep sense of dread.

Les Misérables:

Earthquake in Suspension (or, A Love Story in Three Acts) by KaleranDate: Oct 2017
Prompt: Valjean And Javert Realize They're Ace And/Or Aro, And Everyone Is Accepting, And They Are Happy. On a cool June night on one of the many bridges in Paris, Valjean fractures something in Javert with a simple touch and a soft plea that sends a tremor through his soul. Valjean stubbornly teaches him mercy, kindness, and the language of touch, and Javert is metamorphosed.
A Reflection of Starlight by AutumnGracyDate: Aug 2015 - Nov 2018
Curiosity causes Valjean to follow Javert to the Seine, and what he sees there changes everything. Now they must struggle to understand one another as their worlds come crashing down around them. A story about compassion, tenderness, and reconciliation. Based entirely on Brick canon.
Benefit of the Touch by Chrissy24601Date: Apr 2014
Valvert pairing where one or both are asexual. Javert has a nightmare after the barricades and Valjean comforts him. Would love a fic with sharing a bed, awkward old virgin cuddling and comfort. Plus if it focuses on Javert being distrustful or even somewhat fearful of the human touch and gradually becoming able to enjoy it.
The Next Step by grlnamedluciferDate: Apr 2013
Valjean has a feeling Javert's waiting on him to be ready take the next step. The problem being, he's not really sure that's ever going to happen.


i need your love before i fall by MiralanaDate: 2018Length: 60kStatus: CompleteGenre: Jun-Sep 2018
Park Jimin isn't asexual. Sure, his boyfriend just broke up with him because he doesn't enjoy having sex with him, but that doesn't mean anything. He's just stressed and it's taking a toll on his body.

Actually, this is a good thing. It finally gives him time to focus on his giant crush on Min Yoongi. Min Yoongi who dates one person after another, who probably has more sex in a month than Jimin could bear having in his whole life.

But that's okay. Because Park Jimin isn't broken. He just hasn't found the right person yet. Right?
take me out (we're going down) by kaythebestDate: Apr 2017Length: 9.6kStatus: Complete
There are a lot of things that Jungkook expected from his junior year of college. General stress. Student debt.

He did not expect to be hit by a car.

It’s going well.

Stargate: Atlantis:

Kiss the Sky by siegeofangelsDate: Jul 2008
If you want to kiss the sky

R, John/Various, ~8400 words



no lover. by catbfsFandom: Animash, Balto, The Lion King, The Lady and the TrampDate: July 2, 2019Length: 2 minutes, 4 secondsMedium: fanvid
any other aces feeling invalid in the club tonight??!!!!!! haven't made a personal mash in so long.....feels good


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