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Name: Kars, Kaaz, Cars (カーズ)
Occupation: Leader of the nearly-extinct Pillar Men
Relationships: Eisidisi (Ally)
Wamuu (Ally)
Santana (Ally)
Fandom: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
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Kars is the main antagonist of JJBA Part 2: Battle Tendency and the leader of the Pillar Men. Compared to other villains from different parts, fans usually think that even though he is a decent villain, he gets overshadowed by other main villains from other parts. However, his character design is quite popular between fanartists. He's dressed only in a scarf, loincloth, and some jewelry, revealing a muscular and worked body.

In Tumblr he features a lot in romantic headcanons posts.


Kars isn't a popular character when it comes to shipping. The most popular pairing involving him on AO3 is Kars x Reader. The most popular involving a canon character is Kars x Eisidisi, then Kars x Joseph Joestar and Kars x Wammuu. Lisa Lisa X Kars is occasionally shipped as well, due to their battle in canon.




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