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Name: BNHA Ace Exchange
Date(s): October 18, 2021 – April 6, 2022
Moderator(s): bumblewyn, @MmeHatter, @oneballergurl, @lilleeboi
Founder: bumblewyn
Type: Gift Exchange
Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia
Associated Community:
URL: AO3 Collection
BNHA Ace Exchange Logo
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The BNHA Ace Exchange (also known as the "18+ BNHA Ace Exchange") was a fanfic gift exchange that took place from October 2021 until April 2022. The event was started by bumblewyn to encourage the creation of asexual themed fanworks in the Boku No Hero Academia fandom. The moderators were bumblewyn, @MmeHatter, @oneballergurl and @lilleeboi.[1]

Writers who participated in the event wrote a fanfic with a minimum wordcount of 2000 words, based on the request by another writer. They would also receive a minimum 2000 word fanfic based on their own request. The matching of writers and requests was done via the collections and challenges system.[2]

Participants had to be over 18 to join the event, though there was no proof of age required. Writers and beta readers did not have to identify under the asexual umbrella to participate, though sensitivity readers did.[3]

The event was originally announced on Twitter. After sign-ups closed, all event organization happened via Discord.

Repeat of the event

In August of 2022, there was an interest check to see if the event could run for a second time.[4] Though there was interest, the moderators estimated there weren't enough interested writers to comfortably run the event again, so the event did not return.[5]


  • Saturday, August 21, 2021: Mod Team Announcement & Discord Mod Application Open
  • Monday, October 18, 2021: Sign-Ups Open
  • Sunday, November 7, 2021: Sign-Ups Close
  • Sunday, November 14, 2021: Matches revealed
  • Wednesday, December 8, 2021 – Sunday, December 12, 2021: Check-In 1: 25% progress
  • Monday, December 20, 2021 – Monday, January 3, 2022: Holiday Break
  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022 – Sunday, January 23, 2022: Check-In 2: 50% progress
  • Wednesday, February 16, 2022 – Sunday, February 20, 2022: Check-In 3: 75% progress, last week to drop out
  • Wednesday, March 16, 2022 – Sunday, March 20, 2022: Check-In 4: Complete
  • Wednesday, April 6, 2022: Posting on International Asexuality Day[6]


Spin-off events

In August of 2022, three of the four moderators teamed up again to organize the BNHA Aro & Ace Week.