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Name: BNHA Aro & Ace Week
Date(s): August 22–28, 2022
Moderator(s): bumblewyn, @oneballergurl, @lilleeboi
Founder: bumblewyn
Type: Fanweek
Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia
Associated Community:
URL: AO3 Collection
BNHA Aro & Ace Week Logo
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The BNHA Aro & Ace Week fanweek happened from August 22 to August 28 in 2022 on Twitter. The event was started by bumblewyn to encourage the creation of aromantic and/or asexual themed fanworks in the Boku No Hero Academia fandom. The moderators were bumblewyn, @oneballergurl and @lilleeboi, who previously organized the BNHA Ace Exchange together.[1]

Works for the event had to relate to the asexual and/or aromantic umbrella(s) in some way, though this did not need to be the main subject of the work. All works were to be posted during the event week on the corresponding prompt day, though late submissions were accepted until September 26, 2022.[2]

Besides fanfics, the event also allowed fanpoetry, digital/traditional drawings, collages, moodboards, edits, gifsets, fanvideos, animations, songs, playlists, podfics, and cosplay. There was a minimum requirement of 100 words for fanfics, and a minimum requirement of "some amount of effort" for art.[2] There were no restrictions for work content or participants.[3]

Dates & Prompts

Every day of the event had two prompt themes and one prompt AU. Participants could choose one or more of the themes to incorporate in their work. Thursday was a free day without theme, where participants could post any work that wasn't specific to any given prompt.[4]

Day Prompt 1 Prompt 2 Prompt AU
August 22 Journey Hurt/Comfort Fantasy AU
August 23 Coming Out Poly Relationships Bakery AU
August 24 Self-Care Commitment Undercover/Spy AU
August 25 Free day, no set themes.
August 26 Pride Friendship Coffee Shop AU
August 27 Acceptance Found Family Supernatural AU
August 28 Touch Queerplatonic Relationships Soulmates AU

Prompt of the Day

In the month running up to the event, the event account shared several optional prompts written by the moderators to inspire participants. Each of these "Prompt of the Day" prompts corresponded to one of the prompts of the event.[5]

Title Prompt of the Day Corresponding Event Prompt
Let There Be Dragons! Your characters are in an adventuring party on their way to steal a dragon's hoard! Can they succeed? How does their friendship grow along the way? Fantasy AU (Monday)
Third Time's The Charm Your character was confused about their identity for a long time, but has finally found something that fits. They're coming out for the third and final time as aro and/or ace. How did they come to realise the truth? How do they feel about sharing it? Coming Out (Tuesday)
It’s The Little Things Your character is what’s known as the mom friend. They preach self-care to their friends like a mantra. One thing they didn’t consider was that coming out to others as aro and/or ace is a form of self care. How do they learn this? Is it hard for them to accept or do they embrace it? Self-Care (Wednesday)
Through Thick and Thin Your characters have been through thick and thin—every scraped knee, every birthday, every argument, and every coming out. Today, they’re celebrating. Why? Friendship (Friday)
The Road Traveled The road is rough and winding, but your character isn’t the only one on foot. How far have they come, what have they had to overcome, and who/what have they encountered on the way? Journey (Monday)
Going The Distance Your characters start miles apart. Living tumultuous lives that slowly break them down. How bad is it? When they all move to the same town, does the warmth of finding each other make up for the years of torment? Your characters may just realize that accepting a found family means showing vulnerability. Found Family (Saturday)
No Strings Attached Known for being the physically affectionate friend, your character has a craving for intimacy and human touch that has never been sated by friendships alone, but the thought of being in a romantic relationship to get that skin-to-skin time makes them shudder. Then, an opportunity arises that will give your character exactly what they’re looking for, no red strings attached. What is that opportunity, and how does it impact your character’s life? Touch (Sunday)
Better than the Bedroom Your character has always gotten 2nd place in the annual regional Bake-Off, always just a point or so behind their rival from the bakery one town over, but this time will be different! This year, the theme is “Better than the Bedroom” and your character is going to bake an ace cake (their specialty) that will blow the judges’ socks off. At least, that’s the plan. Bakery AU (Tuesday)
The Last One I Need Your character has always had a hard time committing. Projects half finished, collecting dust. Relationship after relationship cut quickly. Some say they’ve earned a reputation for it. But what happens when they realize that through it all there’s been one friend who’s never left? They might find that one friendship is the only thing they needed all along. Is your character ace, aro or both? Do they take a long time to discover their identity and desires? Commitment (Wednesday)
Date Night Disaster Managing a nuclear family schedule is probably tough enough—but this polycule schedule is a beast. It’s been ages, and your character is determined to make all-inclusive date night work. Babysitters arranged, reservations/tickets/venues secured, and all the partners and metamours invited . . . they should be golden. However, life isn’t always so simple. What foils date night plans, and how does the polycule come together to make things okay? Poly Relationships (Tuesday)
Meeting the Zucchini Your characters have been in a steady queerplatonic relationship for years, and they have finally bought a house together! The only problem is, some family members are travelling up for dinner and a house tour, and they haven’t been known to really get the whole queerplatonic thing. How does it go? Queerplatonic Relationships (Sunday)
Fake Dating, to the Left As part of an undercover mission, your aro and/or ace character is required to partake in a fake relationship with their colleague at a high-brow political function. What happens when their friend (who knows your character’s orientation) shows up unexpectedly and sees them playing the part? Undercover/Spy AU (Wednesday)
I'm Gonna Live Forever Cursed by a rejected confesseur to be immortal until they find their one true love, your character changes with the times. The tragic irony of the situation is not lost on them. It’s the modern day, and your character has just stumbled across a flyer for an aromantic support group. What happens next? Supernatural AU (Saturday)
We Flock Together Your character is attending their very first pride celebration, and they're doing it in secret, because they haven't quite worked up the courage to come out to their presumably straight friend group... Imagine their surprise when they run into their best friend, carrying around the very same pride flag they have! Pride (Friday)