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Synonyms: moodboard
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An aesthetic edit or aesthetic post, also known as a moodboard, is a type of thematic image set. It is visually unified, often by being desaturated or having a specific color tint added. In fandom, it is common to see aesthetic posts about individual fandoms, pairings, or characters. It is also not unusual for them to be created for fanfics, sometimes as part of a challenge.

They can also be popular in fandoms without a visual adaptations, for example book fandoms, allowing fans to illustrate the story. They might include shots of the character(s) from canon or a fancasting of the character(s), images of locations associated with that character(s), images of props associated with that character(s), etc.

Aesthetic edits are particularly popular on Tumblr due to the ease with which sets of images can be posted. A number of aesthetic boards also exist on Pinterest, which also lends itself to collecting sets of themed images, either uploaded by the user or from elsewhere on the site.


Fans creating aesthetic edits/moodboard usually first collect a variety images. Some fans use Pinterest boards to gather and organize images that fit the desired theme or character. These can be canon images of the characters or, in the case of fancasting, collecting images of actors/celebrities that would fit what the fan thinks the character could look like. Then collecting other general photography images that would reflect the setting, vibe, or mood of the subject. Some fans try to only use photography images that are licensed creative commons or from royalty free image sites, while others use whatever images they can find regardless of licensing.

Once the images are collected, they are typically arranged into a visually appealing layout, often using a grid format. Many fans use image editing software like Photoshop or online tools like Canva or Picsart to create these layouts and apply filters, adjustments, and effects. Photo editing apps like VSCO are also popular for fine-tuning the color palette, lighting, contrast, and saturation of the images to create a cohesive visual theme across the entire edit. Although, sites like Tumblr enable some fans to skip this step all together and just upload several images directly into one post. Some edits will also include text either in the image itself, or added as a description to posts when uploaded online.

The complexity of these aesthetic edits has also evolved over the years, going from just images in a simple square, to intriguing mosaics, with the use of gifs in addition to only static images.

Sharing of Resources

It is quite common for fans to share templates and other resources with each other on sites like Tumblr[1][2] and Deviantart[3], especially for edits outside the common grid format. This enables other fans to create their own moodboards/edits without having to start the process from scratch. These may be psd files or some other format that would allow other fans to insert their own chosen images through editing software or other online programs.


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