Star Trek Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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Name: Star Trek Secret Santa Gift Exchange
Date(s): 2016 - 2020
Type: Secret Santa, Gift Exchange
Fandom: Star Trek (all series)
URL: startreksecretsanta on tumblr
Star Trek Secret Santa, associated collection on AO3
Screenshot captured 01 September 2021
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The Star Trek Secret Santa Gift Exchange is an annual gift exchange in Star Trek fandom, held every December. It is open to all Star Trek series, characters and pairings. Participants make three requests from any Star Trek fandom or even crossovers, these requests are given to another participant, who will make a gift based on their preferences.

It's optional whether the gifts focus on Christmas and anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of whether they celebrate Christmas. The exchange is held on tumblr, but fanworks may optionally be posted to the exchange's AO3 collection.