The Song of Achilles

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Name: The Song of Achilles
Abbreviation(s): TSOA
Creator: Madeline Miller
Date(s): 2012
Medium: Historical Fiction
Country of Origin: USA
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The Song of Achilles is a historial fiction novel by Madeline Miller. It tells the story of Achilles, as seen through the eyes of Patroclus, his childhood friend and lover. As it is a retelling of Homer's The Iliad, the events featured in TSOA are largely the same as the original, culminating in Achilles and Patroclus fighting in the Trojan War. [1]


The fandom is a small but devoted rarelit fandom which is mainly focused on the Patroclus/Achilles relationship. Because of the tragic nature of the story, the Tumblr tag for the book not only features fanworks, but also reactions from readers who have just finished the book for the first time.

As it shares characters and stories, The Song of Achilles fandom often overlaps with Greek mythology, The Iliad, and Troy fandoms.


Shippy TSOA content almost exclusively focuses on Achilles and Patroclus, known as Patrochilles. Out of the over 1,250 fanfictions published on Archive of Our Own in July 2021, only about 65 did not feature Patrochilles as a pairing and of those, many were crossovers with other characters as reincarnated versions of Patrochilles [2]


There are several recurring tropes and imagery in TSOA fanworks. Some of which are:

  • Modern AU - Regardless of if it's College AU, Highschool AU or Roommate AU, one of the main tropes is placing the characters in the current day.
  • Reincarnation - Often combined with Modern AU, but the characters usually have some fragmented memory of their original lives together.
  • Afterlife - If you're familiar with the original story, it probably comes as no surprise that there is a good amount of fics focusing on the characters in the afterlife.
  • Figs - Popular both in artwork and fanfiction curtesy of Achilles eating them in a one of the scenes in the book.
  • Armor - Artwork often features armor like the one worn by Achilles, and later donned by Patroclus.


As with most lit-fandoms, a lot of the content created by the fandom highlights quotes from the book. Other common creations are moodboards and aesthetic photography featuring the book.


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