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Name: OfMonstersAndWerewolves
Alias(es): OMAW
Type: Fan Writer
Fanlore Editor
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Warehouse 13, The Legend of Zelda, Wolfblood, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, His Dark Materials, Of Monsters and Men, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Gentleman Jack, One Day At A Time, Good Omens, Merlin, Derry Girls, Wynonna Earp, Horrible Histories, Fire Emblem, Only Fools and Horses, Batwoman (TV series), Zoo Tycoon, Cats (musical), Watership Down, Phantom Manor, Theme Parks, Stellar Firma, Horizon Zero Dawn, Back to the Future, Ace Attorney, among many, many others
Communities: DERG
URL: Tumblr
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OfMonstersAndWerewolves is a multifandom fan, engaging with fandom through fic writing, amateur media analysis, Tumblr blogging, and Fanlore documentation.

Much of their interaction within fandom involves the exploration of being queer and disabled (mentally ill and (likely) neurodivergent), with many of their fics reflecting this. They predominantly write femslash and gen, though are open to other categories if an idea strikes them.

They ship several pairings, with their OTP - and their most written about fic wise - being Curious Archer.

Fannish History

The first fandom in which they were actively participating in online was Doctor Who. They later joined Tumblr, and began uploading fanworks (predominantly fics, though metas as well) to Ao3. Their smut fics are uploaded via the pseud OMAWSmutFics. and their metas via OMAWMeta.

Doctor Who

When the new series of the show began in 2005, OMAW was there to watch the first episode, Rose, and it changed their life forever.

Curious Archer

Notable Fanworks