Dead End: Paranormal Park

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Name: Dead End: Paranormal Park
Abbreviation(s): DE:PP
Creator: Hamish Steele
Medium: television
Country of Origin:
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Dead End: Paranormal Park is an animated TV series created by Hamish Steele, based on Steele's DeadEndia graphic novel series.


The show focuses on Barney and Norma, two new employees at Phoenix Parks, a theme park dedicated to prolific actress Pauline Phoenix. Norma has an intense special interest in Pauline's filmography and the park, while Barney takes the job to get away from his transphobic grandmother and complicated home life. They both encounter a variety of paranormal happenings at the park, from mascot costumes coming to life to a sleepover gone horribly wrong.



The show has garnered a positive reception from fans and critics. Much of the praise is for the show's diverse cast. Norma has been confirmed to be neurodivergent by the show's creator, and Barney is the first transgender protagonist of a children's animated show.


DE:PP features many queer characters in its cast, many of whom are in queer relationships. The canon pairing of Barney and Logs is popular among fans, as is the canonically one-sided pairing of Norma and Badyah.

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