Barney Guttman

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Name: Barney Guttman
Occupation: security guard
Relationships: Norma Khan (friend, coworker), Pugsley (dog), Patrick Guttman (brother), Courtney (roommate)
Fandom: Dead End: Paranormal Park
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Barney Guttman is a protagonist of the animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park.


Barney is a young transgender man who seeks a job at a theme park to get away from his transphobic grandmother and complicated home life. While there, he and coworker Norma Khan deal with a number of supernatural happenings. Barney also has to confront his own family about their refusal to stand up for him, and handle a crush on his coworker Logan.


Barney is a rare example of a trans male protagonist; this, combined with his being gay, Jewish, and plus-sized, has given Dead End much positive media and fan attention.

As of August 2022, there are 44 works on AO3 featuring Barney as a character. Of those works, 15 pair him and his canon love interest Logan together, making them the second-most-popular relationship in the fandom.

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