Watership Down

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Name: Watership Down
Creator: Richard Adams
Date(s): 1972, 1996
Medium: book; adapted for film, television
Country of Origin: UK
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Watership Down is a small rarelit fandom, based on the children's novel about a group of anthropomorphised rabbits by Richard Adams, as well as its adaptations.

An animated film of the novel was released in 1978 and was relatively faithful to the novel. Its theme song 'Bright Eyes' by Art Garfunkel was a number one hit in the UK. A television series ran for three seasons in 1999-2001, with many changes from book canon to make it fluffier. Adams also completed a book of short stories, Tales from Watership Down (1996). It includes a dictionary of his invented language.


Watership Down is a much loved novel & film. It has generated a small amount of fanfiction. Stories at Yuletide & its New Year Resolutions challenge tend to be bookverse and of very high quality. Stories at fanfiction.net date back to 2000, and are often based in the television series.

Most stories are gen or non-explicit het. Popular themes include the story of the does, and further tales in the rabbit mythology involving the trickster El-ahrairah & the Black Rabbit of Inle, an incarnation of Death.

There's also a little fanart. Luzula has recorded a couple of podfics.

Film Adaptation

The film adaptation generally seems to be considered to be the best adaptation out of those that have happened so far.

BBC Miniseries

Example Fanworks

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