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Name: Kelley Armstrong
Also Known As:
Occupation: writer
Medium: Books
Works: Women of the Otherworld, The Nadia Stafford, The Darkest Powers
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Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian professional writer who has published books and short stories in the fantasy, horror, and mystery genres. The Bitten TV series was based on her Women of the Otherworld novels.

Armstrong held an AMA, Archived version at r/books subreddit in 2018 to discuss her books with fans.

In an interview with Nathan Maharaj from the Kobo Blog Armstrong discussed how her interest in fanfiction lead her to a professional career in writing.

[...] I was really taken with the idea of what we now call fanfiction. You know -- what about a story with these characters? or a story that takes place after these events? I was given Watership Down when I was 10 or 11, and I was very into the mythology and the world of these rabbits. So again, with me it’s all about animals. [laughs] But I loved how deep the world was, and that adults found it interesting too.

– Kelley to Kobo Blog[1]


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