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Name: luzula
Type: fanwriter, podficcer, filker
Fandoms: due South, C6D
Communities: c6d_weekly, ds_snippets, ds_c6d_bigbang, c6d_universe
Other: dS links for crack_van, c6d links for crack_van
URL: My Livejournal, My Dreamwidth, Me at AO3
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Luzula is from Sweden. She writes predominantly in due South, and is an excellent podficcer and filker. She has a charmingly talented voice that she uses effectively whether she's reading out loud, or singing. Her podfics span a huge range of small fandoms.

Luzula writes about her fannish history here.


In her profile of Luzula, akamine_chan writes:

Luzula is an extremely flexible writer, comfortable with either extremely long stories or extremely short ones, and everything in between. She is constantly working to challenge her boundaries, stretching her writerly muscles. Her writing is clean, spare and detailed, and she loves to expore the characters.

She has a fascination with the Fraser family's background, writing stories that examine not only Benton, but his parents, and his grandparents as well. [1]

due South

Luzula has written stories featuring Fraser/Kowalski, Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot, Fraser/Smithbauer, Bob/Caroline, Fraser/Victoria, Maggie/Frannie, Frannie/Elaine, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, and many gen stories.

She regularly participates in flashfiction and snippet challenges, as well as the due South Seekrit Santa exchange.

Notable works

  • Together (F/K, G, 291 words) and The Snow and the Leaves (F/K, PG13, 950 words) - a paired set of stories set in a new ice age, a post-apocalyptic world world that seems bleak and hopeless, but isn't as long as they have each other.
  • Northwest Passage (F/K, PG) - Luzula took the lovely lyrics for the Stan Rogers orginal, tweaked them to fit Fraser and Ray while on the quest and recorded the song with her sister. Doubly awesome.
  • Podfic of Voices in the Wind (Caroline, Benton, PG13) - one of my favorite stories that Luzula's written, and one that she podficced as well. With this, you can experience her excellent storytelling skills.
  • The End and the Way (Hainish Cycle) - "On Posthe Tuwa of the Year One in the reign of Argaven XII, Harny Sord of Gernahan gave birth to a pervert." Written for Yuletide 2011.


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