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Journal Community
Name: Canadian Six Degrees Universe
Date(s): 11 September 2009 - present
Moderator: malnpudl, ride_4ever
Founder: akamine_chan
Fandom: 6 Degrees of Canada
URL: c6d-universe

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c6d_universe is a C6D livejournal community started in 2009 for discussion and fanworks. The comm also acted as a noticeboard and hosted several themed challenges.

The community profile defines C6D as "a large group of related fandoms that have some connection to the television show due South. This encompasses fandoms that are "six-degree-ish" of a small set of (mostly) Canadian artists: Paul Gross, David Marciano, Callum Keith Rennie, Hugh Dillon, Don McKeller, Bruce McDonald, and Daniel MacIvor."

As of January 2021, the community has 494 posts; 1,756 comments; and 125 members. The most recent post was in 2020, but the community has been mostly dormant beyond one or two posts per year since 2016. The community was most active in 2009-2010.

The original mods were sionnain, waltzforanight, and akamine_chan.[1] As of 2021, malnpudl is listed as the owner and ride_4ever is a moderator.

An early post was a "mixer" with 250+ comments in which people talked about how they got into C6D.

AO3 has a c6d_universe tag for works originally posted to the community.


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