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Name: Paul Gross
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor, director, screenwriter, producer, occasional musician
Medium: television, film
Works: due South, Slings and Arrows, Wilby Wonderful, Men with Brooms, H2O and The Trojan Horse, Passchendaele
Official Website(s):
Fan Website(s): paulgross dot org
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Paul Gross is a Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter.

He is most popular in fandom for his role as Benton Fraser in due South, who is nearly always paired with his first Chicago police partner, Ray Vecchio, or his second, Ray Kowalski.

Other popular Gross roles include Geoffrey Tennant in Slings and Arrows, Buddy French in Wilby Wonderful, and Chris Cutter in Men with Brooms.

The term Paul Gross Arms (\o/) refers to a particular stance he took in the music video for his song "Voodoo".

Occasionally Gross takes up political activism, such as speaking to a Canadian Senate committee against Bill C-10, which would alter the tax credit system currently in place for Canadian productions.[1]

He is married to Martha Burns, a fellow Canadian actor who co-starred with Gross in Slings and Arrows and The Trojan Horse and appeared in two episodes of Due South (once as a Russian spy and once as a cameo in Call of the Wild as Fraser's mother, Caroline).

Attitude toward Fanfiction

1997 on the addition of Ray Kowalski:

I tell you, slash fiction is going to go crazy when they see the new guy. He is really good-looking and sexy, the dangerous side of Fraser. It will be totally homoerotic.[2]

1998, on slash fandom:

I suppose the character is public ground. If you're willing to bring it into people's houses every week, the [fans] are entitled to certain liberties, wherever their imagination is carried by those characters.[3]

In Fanfiction

Paul Gross occasionally appears as a character in C6D RPF.


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