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Name: due South Seekrit Santa (DSSS)
Date(s): 2004-present, approximately October 1 - December 31, annually
Founder: aerye
Type: secret santa gift exchange
Fandom: due South
Associated Community: http://community.livejournal.com/ds_ssdiscussion/
URL: archive for dSSS fanworks from the years 2004-2009; fanworks from 2010 on are archived at AO3
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Due South Seekrit Santa is an annual gift exchange challenge for fans of due South. DSSS welcomes all due South characters and pairings and usually takes place over the fall and winter months.


It was created in 2004 by aerye, who was also the moderator of the challenge through its third year (2006), after which she passed the role to Sprat.

In 2008, mergatrude kindly agreed to assist with the organization of the challenge.

In 2010, Sprat passed the role to her full-time. Sage co-moderated until 2014, when Luzula and Ride_Forever co-moderated.

Ride_Forever continued to co-mod the dSSS in 2015. Co-mods in 2015 were desireearmfeldt, wagnetic, and phoenixwytch.

Ride_Forever continued to mod in 2016 and 2017. The co-mods in 2016-2017 were desireearmfeldt and squidgiepdx.

The moderators from 2018-2021 were Ride_Forever, squidgiepdx, and verushka70

How It Works

In dS Seekrit Santa, participants are asked to request up to three characters or pairings on which they'd like their gifts to focus. They can also list three tropes or categories they'd like their gifter to avoid (their squicks). They may provide additional prompts, wishes or suggestions, though these are considered completely optional—the gifter is not required to incorporate these requests.

Participants are also asked to list all of the characters or pairings on which they would be willing to focus their own contributions, along with a list of three tropes they aren't willing to include in their work. These requests and offers are usually due in early to middle October, when, through a process involving databases, coffee and the occasional use of sorcery, the requests are matched with compatible offers and sent (in seekrit!) to each participant. At this point, it is customary to file the assignment away in a forgotten email folder and sign up for several other challenges with similar due dates. Happy weeks pass.

Then, in late November, everyone suddenly remembers that they have promised to produce a work of art for some fellow fan and there are a couple of weeks of frenzied, sleep-deprived creation. It's invigorating! We bond! In mid-December, everyone anonymously posts their contributions to the archive, where they are held in an unpublished state until December 24, when the site is opened to public viewing. Contributions remain anonymous until December 31, when their creator's names are revealed.

Initially focused on fiction alone, the challenge has expanded to include contributions from vidders, podficcers and artists.

Example Works