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Name: sprat
Type: Fan writer, organiser
Fandoms: American Idol, C6D, due South, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural
URL: http://crocolanthus.com/
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Sprat joined Due South fandom on LJ in 2004[1] after watching Hard Core Logo, and quickly made a name for herself as a writer of quality fic. She started out writing Fraser/Kowalski, as was common at the time, and quickly added Ray/Ray to her repertoire. She is arguably best known for The Graph Story.[2]

She subsequently wrote in SGA fandom and has since shifted her focus to Supernatural, although she has yet to write in that fandom. She has been known to pimp people into The Sentinel and Invisible Man. She has participated in Yuletide since 2006, and she is still active as a beta, archivist/challenge organiser and occasional ficleteer in Due South.

She doesn't like the Oxford comma.[3]

Fandom Organising

Sprat and gurrier founded ds workshop in 2005, intending it to be a venue for solicited story critique. It went into hiatus in December, and later the comm was revived by sageness as a forum for DS meta that focused on writing.

In 2006, Sprat created a database and provided hosting for the Due South Seekrit Santa exchange (then run by aerye), which had previously been hosted on LJ. The following year Sprat took over as coordinator and she continues to run it, this year (2008) with help from mergatrude.

Writing style

Sprat's writing is funny and original, with beautiful character voices, warm relationships and very hot porn. She excels at Kowalski POV, and manages to make her Due South stories quirky, as befits the show, without veering into silliness. She is particularly skilled at portraying longing, and the breathless anticipation before a relationship changes gear.

mamaffy in ds_profiles says about Sprat's due South writing:

"Her writing is natural, vivid and effortlessly funny. Funny in that I remember stupidly grinning all the way through a couple of her stories. Her characters are true to the show with all their strengths, flaws and insecurities. Also, she is a master of strong openings which makes it hard to stop reading. Usually, one is thrown right into a certain scenario that subsequently enfolds. There is a lot of yearning in her fics, often Kowalski POV and happy endings. The stories are often heartwarming and charming without being cheesy or over the top. She writes excellent banter and, yes, very hot porn. And as a bonus, sex scenes may include laughing or weirdness." [4]

Notable Works

due South

  • April After All (Kowalski/Vecchio, ~2800 words). A love-sick Kowalski goes cruising - with some unexpected consequences.
  • Housesitting (Kowalski/Vecchio, ~2800 words, explicit). Wonderful Ray/Ray banter followed by porn.
  • Dirty (Kowalski/Vecchio)



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