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Name: sageness
Alias(es): Sage, sageness
Type: fan writer, beta reader, moderator
Fandoms: Batman: the animated series aka DC Toonverse, Battlestar Galactica Leoben fic, C6D, Chuck, DC Comics, The Dead Zone, due South, Hard Core Logo, Lord John Grey series, Men With Brooms, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, White Collar, Wilby Wonderful, and Without a Trace.
Communities: DS Noticeboard, DS Flashfiction, DS Workshop, others
URL: sage @ the AO3
Fic by Sage
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sageness is a multifannish fan writer, beta reader, and community moderator currently based in the Due South fandom. Sage wrote her first story ever in Smallville fandom in autumn 2003 and wrote her first Due South and DC Universe fic in 2004. Her involvement in DS fandom led by extension to C6D fandom, previously known as 6 degrees of Due South, which has grown to include anything by Bruce McDonald or with Hugh Dillon.

Sage and China Shop also share the Gloriaverse, in which Ray Vecchio is a part-time drag queen.

Writing style

China Shop in ds_profiles says about Sage's due South writing:

" Sage writes intricate, eloquent stories, often showing the rough edges of characters scraping up against each other. She doesn't shy away from angst, and some of her fic is pretty dark, but her love of the characters always shines through. She's written several awesome (and carefully researched) AUs, and also a fair amount of case fic, but her writing is always driven by the characters and their relationships." [1]

Fandoms Written In

(as of March 2010) Smallville, DC Comics, Due South, Stargate Atlantis, Wilby Wonderful, Supernatural, The Dead Zone, Hard Core Logo, Men With Brooms, Battlestar Galactica, Without a Trace, DC Toonverse (Batman: the animated series), Lord John Grey series, Chuck, Last Night, Near Eastern Mythology, and White Collar.

Notable Works

due South

  • Current (Fraser/Kowalski, R, AU) Set during the Spanish Civil War, rated R for violence as well as sex. It's dark and desperate, but also a beautifully wrought story and it ends on a note of hope. Vivid and stark and memorable.
  • Sliding (Fraser/Kowalski, NC17) A classic quest!fic. It's a lovely slow burn, as both men shake off the layers of Chicago and find themselves and each other.


  • Vinculum(Wilby Wonderful, Dan/Val, Dan/Duck, Dan/OMC, Duck/OMC, etc. NC-17.) This is a pre-movie Wilby Wonderful fic, which charts Dan's coming out to himself. It starts with Dan's marriage and is a compassionate portrayal of mistakes and loss and separation, while giving Dan (and Duck, and the other gay men on the island) a community to grow into.
  • (Perspective's a Bitch) Negative Feed (Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy, Billy/others. NC-17). It's fantastic and epic, and so very painful and broken. In other words, perfectly in keeping with the characters. It follows Billy into his new life with Jenifur, and it follows Joe into his afterlife, until somehow they find each other again -- but it's not an easy happy ending. Nothing's simple.


Fandom Organization/(co-)Moderation

out.of.con.txt 2006
various Fandom-wide viewing parties, 2006-2007
Craft of Writing seminar series at ds_workshop
co-modding rat_jam 2007, the online con for people who couldn't attend Muskrat Jamboree
co-modding ds_flashfiction special event, summer 2007 with china_shop
co-modding DS Match 1 (autumn 2007) with china_shop
co-modding ds_flashfiction Holiday Party, December 2007 with china_shop
co-modding out.of.con.txt 2008 with china_shop
DS Match 2 (summer 2008), co-modding with china_shop and brynnmck


  1. ^ china_shop, due South Author Profile: sageness posted on 12 March 2010 (Accessed 16 March 2010)