Chuck (TV)

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Name: Chuck
Creator: Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak
Date(s): 2007-2012
Medium: TV show
Country of Origin: USA
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Chuck is a TV show about Chuck Bartowski, a BuyMore employee whose life changes when his old college friend Bryce sends him the "Intersect," which downloads a huge swath of intelligence files directly into Chuck's brain. Spies Sarah Walker and John Casey soon arrive to ensure the safety of the newly valuable asset. Hijinks ensue as the spy world interacts with Chuck and the various characters who work at the BuyMore.

The show is notable in its portrayal of characters who are avid fans, particularly of science fiction. Some characters speak Klingon, some collect Star Wars figurines, and Chuck has a Tron poster in his bedroom. Additionally, many of the guest stars on the show are key figures in sci-fi and other genres of television and movies; these guest stars include Linda Hamilton, Scott Bakula, Tricia Helfer, Christopher Lloyd, Brandon Routh, Kristin Kreuk, Carrie-Anne Moss, Richard Burgi, Dominic Monaghan, and Timothy Dalton, as well as guest actors who starred with Adam Baldwin (who plays John Casey) on the television show Firefly such as Summer Glau and Mark Sheppard.


The Chuck fandom was of moderate size and activity, and the fandom was most productive during the first two seasons. Popular relationships include the canon pairing of Chuck/Sarah, as well as the pairings Chuck/Casey and Chuck/Bryce. The most popular crossover is with the show White Collar, which stars Matt Bomer, who also plays Bryce Larkin on Chuck. Other characters often seen in fanworks include Chuck's best friend, Morgan Grimes, their boss General Beckman, Chuck's sister, Ellie Bartowski, and her fiancee Devon (aka Captain Awesome), as well as "Jeffster," the musical band formed by Chuck's BuyMore co-workers Jeff and Lester.

The Chuck fandom is also notable for its campaigns to save the show from cancellation when its ratings put it "on the bubble" at the end of the second season. The Save Chuck campaign used a variety of creative techniques to convey their desire for the show's renewal, including by buying Subway sandwiches and posting the purchases on social media with tags indicating the purpose of the campaign (Subway was a sponsor of the show that had prominent product placement). Chuck was renewed, and continued to its 5th season.

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