Hard Core Logo

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Name: Hard Core Logo
Abbreviation(s): HCL
Creator: Bruce McDonald (Director)
Date(s): October 11, 1996
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: IMDB
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Hard Core Logo is a fake-documentary about the fake punk band Hard Core Logo. The cast of Hard Core Logo includes fan favorite Callum Keith Rennie as Billy Tallent and Hugh Dillon as Joe Dick. The film was written by Noel Baker (who also wrote a "making of" book called Hard Core Roadshow, which fans have mined for behind the scenes gossip) and directed by Bruce Macdonald. The film was based on a novel by Michael Turner; there is also a graphic novel of the film and a "soundtrack" of covers of the film's songs by real Canadian bands that pretends to be a tribute album to the "fake" band.

Fannish Activity

Many of the fanworks are Joe/Billy, but John Oxenberger is also a favorite character. There is also a significant number of RPS works slashing Callum Keith Rennie and Hugh Dillon.

The LJ community Group Session contains fic and fanart for Hard Core Logo. The Crack Van overview is here.


Probably the most famous story in the fandom is Kat Allison's Xeriscape, a Joe/Billy story written from the POV of John Oxenberger.