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Name: Central Consortium and Dementia Ink
Alias(es): The Central Consortium
Fandoms: Angel, Babylon 5, Brimstone, Buffy, Crusade, Due South, Forever Knight, Hercules: TLJ, Highlander, Man from UNCLE, Multimedia, Quantum Leap, The Sentinel, Seventh Sign, Space: Above & Beyond, Star Trek: DS9,Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: Voyager, The Pretender, The X-Files, Wuthering Heights
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screenshot of the logo used on one of their songtape collections

Central Consortium and Dementia Ink were two overlapping vidding groups that made fanvids in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The The Central Consortium group consisted of Kronette and Nzinga and Dementia Ink consisted of Kronette and and Angie. Together they produced 6 songvid tapes and over 120 vids.

A sample playlist from their first songvid tape can be found archived here.

Notable vids

This vid deeply amused Methos fans, and deeply annoyed Duncan fans, who already felt that Methos fans had a completely narrow and inaccurate view of Duncan (caused by only watching the Methos episodes).

Thought by many to be one of their best.

A rare triangle vid with equal time for Mulder/Skinner and Mulder/Krycek (each equally unhappily). This vid appeared in the Escapade Vid Show Retrospective 1992-2001. It predated a series of Fraser/Ray/Ray vids with the same care to give each Ray equal time.

Songtape Collections