Central Consortium 1999

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Title: Central Consortium 1999
Creator: Central Consortium
Date: 1999 (although some vids may have been made earlier)
Format: VHS
Fandom: Multimedia (multiple fandoms) (see list)

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Central Consortium 1999 is a songtape collection of vids made by members of the Central Consortium vidding group. Like many VHS songtape collections of the time, the tapes had no special labeling and came with a basic printed playlist.

Song Fandom
B5 Compendium Babylon 5
Iris Highlander
I'll Be There For You Due South & Sentinel
Head Over Feet Sentinel
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Space: Above & Beyond
Bitch Pretender
Murder Brimstone
Home Again Babylon 5
Back of Your Mind Babylon 5
Four Horsemen Highlander
Life by the Drop Babylon 5
Somebody's Watching Me Pretender
Confessor Babylon 5
Comfort Zone Star Trek: Voyager
Weird Science The X-Files
Have You Ever Babylon 5
Pressure Sentinel
Lightning Crashes Seventh Sign
So Good ST: VOY
Take Me Sentinel
Respect Babylon 5
Real World Quantum Leap
Torn Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Stayin Alive Face Off
Raining Men Multimedia (multiple fandoms)
Whenever You Call Babylon 5
Ain't Nothing Wrong With the Radio Due South
Almost Doesn't Count Babylon 5
Dude Looks Like a Lady Multimedia
You're My Home Sentinel
I Want Your Sex Highlander