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Name: Kronette
Alias(es): Shelley Wright, Lady Rowena
Type: vidder, fan writer, mailing list moderator, fanzine publisher
Fandoms: Deep Space 9, Highlander, Sentinel, Smallville, Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, The Sentinel, Red Dwarf, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Starsky & Hutch, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Brimstone, Due South, Sherlock
URL: AO3, YouTube,
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Kronette is a fan writer and vidder. Her fan fiction has appeared in fanzines and online and her fan vids have been showcased at conventions such as Connexions, Escapade and Vividcon. She vids as a member of Central Consortium and Dementia Ink and also founded the ROG-L and slash-sis mailing list. Her zine I Can't Stand to Fly won a FanQ Award in 2000.

Several of her solo Deep Space 9 vids were:

  • I Need A Hero
  • Whole New World
  • Doctor Doctor (Bad Case of Lovin')
  • Good Love
  • (The Show Is Over) Say Goodbye - Madonna
  • Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon

Fandom History

She started in fandom in 1993 on the STREK-L mailing list. Member of the Siddig El Faddil Estrogen Brigade and the STWTTF for a year or two. Her first major fandom was ST:DS9, followed by Highlander, and became a fannish butterfly pretty quickly. Known originally as Shelley Wright, she changed her name to Kronette after seeing the Highlander episodes Comes A Horseman/Revelations 6:8. She was a member of fan clubs for Siddig El Fadil, Valentine Pelka, and Robert Duncan McNeill. She ran the official website for Valentine Pelka [1] (don't remember the years) and created the official Fan Club newsletter The Actor's Palette, producing the first three issues (from what I remember).

She joined LJ in October 2003 and copied that over to DW twice, the last being December 2015. She now participates mostly on tumblr.


She created two fanzines, Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life! and Doctor Julian Subatoi Bashir, This is Your Life, Too!. These were gen zines and were given to the actor by her at his fan club gatherings.

Stories in Fanzines

She received The Sizzler Award for 'Slash in Zine Literary Erotica - 2003 for Best Story, "Potential" in Fandom: Smallville, and for Best Zine: "I Can't Stand To Fly" in Fandom: Smallville.

Stories Online

Her story archive was on GeoCities, but she submitted her stories to a variety of online archives, including Seventh Dimension and (Man from UNCLE archive). All her works now live on AO3.

Her Stargate Atlantis story, Winner Takes All, was nominated for a Stargate DiversiFICation Award for MCKAY/ZELENKA - humor category.


The first vids she saw were for Space: Above and Beyond by Carol S and she was hooked immediately. She started VCR Vidding in 1995 to create those first ST:DS9 vids. By 1996 she had editing VCRs and produced just over 100 vids in dozens of fandoms. She didn't get into computer vidding until 2011, when she began producing vids for Red Dwarf.

She received the following awards from FriscoN 007 Music Video Contest (1999)

  • Most Dramatic: Who Wants To Live Forever for Hercules, creators Dementia Ink
  • Most Romantic: Till There Was You for The Sentinel, creators Dementia Ink
  • Most Matching Theme: Affair of the Heart for The Man from UNCLE, creators Dementia Ink
  • Overall Favorite: Till There Was You for The Sentinel, creators Dementia Ink

Other vids

Fandom Song Title Singer
Methos Bitch
D/M I'm So Sick Of You Weird Al
M/K Closer (2) Nine Inch Nails
B5 Good Love
B5-L/G Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Fred Astaire
HL-D/M Iris Matchbox 20
dS-V/F Movin' On Up (Jefferson's Theme)
dS-V/F/K What Might Have Been
dS Zoom Zoom Zoom
Sent-J/B You're My Home John Denver
Sent-J/B Take Me With You (?)
dS-F/K/V Don't Close Your Eyes
HL-J/M As Long As You Love Me The Backstreet Boys
multi It's Raining Men
dS-K Bad To The Bone
Brim Murder
SPark Can't Smile Without You Barry Manilow
multi It's In His Kiss Cher
dS-F/V What I See In You
multi Dude Looks Like a Lady