I Can't Stand to Fly

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Title: I Can't Stand to Fly
Publisher: Red Shirt Press/ODM Press, Slash Net Publications, then in 2013 Agent With Style
Editor(s): Holly Lynn, Kronette & Jennie McGrath
Date(s): 2003, 2013
Medium: print
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
External Links: TOC at Agent With Style
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I Can't Stand to Fly is a 325-page slash Smallville anthology. It was the winner of a 2004 FanQ.


  • color cover by The Theban Band. 12 interior color by Osianna, Deejay, Suzan Lovett (oversize fold out), Jam-Wired and more.
  • Stories from: Dayspring, Peach, Shelley Wright, Kel, Jennie, Quin Rhodes, Orithain and Rina. Poetry by A.F.
  • Purple by Dayspring (Martha doesn't need an advanced degree in Art to figure out what's going on between Clark and Lex, but Jonathan might.) (45 pages)
  • God-Caught by A.F.
  • Holidays by Jennie (25 pages)
  • The Morning After by A.F.
  • Coming Home by Quin Rhodes -- Clark and his friends help out stranded rockstar Lex Luthor, and a relationship begins to build between the two of them. (74 pages)
  • The Thin Grey Line by A.F.
  • Games 5e: Ups and Downs by Orithain and Rina (What do you do when it's your lover's birthday, but he has everything money can buy? You kidnap him of course! This takes place the summer after Clark's junior year of high school, about half way between "Bored in Bed" and "Truth or Dare".) An accompanying story is in Silk and Flannel #2. (36 pages)
  • Destiny by Lasha
  • Long and Flexy, Feather and Flip by Peach (41 pages)
  • Potential by Shelley Wright (68 pages)
  • Falling by A.F.
  • Sleepless Nights by Holly Lynn (8 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

I Can't Stand to Fly is a Clark/Lex zine from the Smallville fandom. I bought this one because, well.... Have you ever seen a preview for a movie and thought, "Damn, I gotta see that!" only to find out when you go see it that they used all the good parts in the previews? I didn't realize that could be done with a zine, but this one showed me it was possible. The publishers of this one, OMD press (who appear to have dropped off the web) had previously published the Highlander zines I enjoyed so they had credibility with me. They also provided extended excerpts from some of the stories in this zine. Unfortunately, upon reading this, I found that those excerpts were the only good things in this one. The graphics, the technical aspects, all of that was absolutely beautiful in this zine, I have to give them that much credit, but it didn't help with the quality of the writing. With each story I read I kept thinking, "Surely the next one has to be better!" But it never was. Every story in this zine is average to borderline bad. Fortunately there are only one or two that fall into that latter category, but there still isn't an excellent story out of the lot. The characterization is just...off, in every story. In half the stories Lex cries, wails, sobs and overall just acts like an adolescent girl and Clark shows far too many signs of being the Big Dumb Alien. It isn't a total OOC fest or else this one would be tossed in the "Worst in Fandom" category, but not one author managed to grasp the characterizations properly either. There were also cases of purpleness in a couple of the stories and, very unfortunately, one story where the author loved the epithets. This zine was just a huge let down, not to mention a waste of my money. [1]


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