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You may be looking for Silk, a K/S story.

Title: Silk and Flannel
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): 2002-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
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cover issue #1, Kate Nuernberg

Silk and Flannel is a slash anthology.

Issue 1

Silk and Flannel 1 was published in 2002 and contains 217 pages. Cover art by Kate Nuernberg and black and white interior photo-manips by Henry Jones, Jr.

  • Frenzy by Clare (1)
  • Half-Truth by Penemuel (6)
  • A Bitter Drink by Kirsten Sea (14)
  • Here by Karen Colohan (17)
  • Dark Carnival by Lady Angel (24)
  • The Air Above by Dayspring (29)
  • Snapshots by Carmen (39)
  • Crossing Lines by Amy (47)
  • Youth of a Nation by Quin Rhodes (52)
  • Then and Now by Saraid (62)
  • Requital and Remembrance by PepperjackCandy (66)
  • Invictus by Wubba (87)
  • Return of the Watch by MidKnight (91)
  • The Wildest Ride by Henry Jones, Jr. (96)
  • Sex, Lex and Videotape by Cassandra (98)
  • To Learn Control by Henry Jones, Jr. (117)
  • With How Sad Steps by Kirsten Sea (118)
  • Something to Believe In by Kel (122)


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Decent layout, decent editing, not too bad on the technical writing, but the stories are just average. Nothing special to stand out and make it worth buying the zine, either with the stories or the format. It's much better to wait for these to be published online. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Silk and Flannel 2 was published in July 2003. It has 191 pages.

  • My Own Hero by Quin Rhodes (1)
  • Rainbow Sign by Rivka (6)
  • Fantasy by Clare (21
  • Dirty by Karen Colohan (25)
  • All Mommies Have Red Hair by Penemuel (38)
  • Fideles by Kelandris the Mad (42)
  • Risk by La Chatte Noire (60)
  • An Imperfect Mirror byPepperjack Candy (64)
  • Winners by Clare (84)
  • Magical Outing by MeLi (88)
  • Aftermath by Meg Carruthers (101)
  • Ready for the Good Times by Jeyhawk (104)
  • You Don't Have to be Rich, Just Smart by Torra (118)
  • Blood Will Tell by Lady Angel (119)
  • The Matter of the Shirt by Torra Kimbul (142)
  • Comfort by Meg Carruthers (146)
  • Fidelity by Sulis (158)
  • Unavoidable Circumstances by Orithain and Rina (Lex is invited to Bruce Wayne's birthday party.) An accompanying story is in I Can't Stand to Fly. (168)


Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

When I buy a zine I darn well read every story in that zine because I've paid good money for it. That's my policy. I've followed it through mostly gen zines I bought for one slash story, through het zines, through multimedia ones featuring fandoms I knew nothing about, because I want my money's worth. This was the first zine I've read where I couldn't make myself stick to that policy. The format is fine, the screen caps in place of artwork are borderline okay and technically speaking there isn't much problem. It's the writing itself that made this such a painful experience and a real waste of my money. Every single story in this zine had OOC characterization. Some were worse than others and some were almost decent, but it was still pretty bad. Lex is cuddly and his IQ has drastically lowered, Jonathan Kent adores him, Clark is the Big Dumb Alien, Clark and Lex call each other cutsey nicknames and the writing gushes purple. The one story I held out hope for at the end of the zine (a continuation of an online series) made me cringe. It was just a huge disappointment. The "artwork" that I mentioned in the beginning is nothing more than plain, black and white screen caps, mostly with nothing at all done to them. While there isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, it's very plain and uninspiring. The few screencaps that do have captions on them all have punctuation errors, taking away from what could have been rather funny captions. This whole zine is a sad, sad thing and I highly recommend giving it a miss, even when the stories come online. [2]


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