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Zine Publisher
Name: Sockii Press
Contact: Sockii
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: The A-Team
Status: inactive, but some zines are agented by Agent With Style
Other: fanzine publisher
URL: SOCKII PRESS, Archived version, presently the domain provides fannish hosting, the zine press site isn't there anymore
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Sockii Press published mostly gen A-Team zines.

From its website (late 1990's):
Sockii Press is an amateur, not-for-profit press for fanzines focusing on science fiction and action-adventure series of the past and present. While past 'zines have mainly focused on The A-Team, I am looking to do more multi-media titles in the future, and would love to publish some full length fan novels as well. Fandoms I am particularly interested in at the moment include: Xena, Hercules, seaQuest, Riptide, Nowhere Man, Strange Luck, Earth 2, Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Battlestar Galactica--but don't let that stop you from inquiring regarding other fandoms. Specific style guidelines for any proposed 'zine are listed with the title. Generally there is no set page limit on submissions. Please note that most titles will be made available via both paper and internet-downloadable formats so if you have a problem with your material being distributed electronically, don't submit. Experienced and new writers alike are encouraged to submit stories. I reserve the right to edit submissions as appropriate for grammar, spelling and clarity, although authors will be contacted for any requested rewrites or discussions of story content. You are welcome to request a "pre-print" copy of your story before its publication, though the editor would appreciate you providing postage costs to cover this. [1]


A-Team Zines

Other Zines


  1. SOCKII PRESS, Archived version