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You may be looking for the MUNCLE zine The Nowhere Man Affair.

Name: Nowhere Man
Creator: Lawrence Hertzog
Date(s): 1995
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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Nowhere Man was a tv series on UPN, about a photojournalist who finds his life suddenly erased, i.e. nobody recognizes him anymore, his IDs don't work etc.


NWM was a Yahoo group with 536 members at its close. "A list on the tv-series Nowhere Man starring Bruce Greenwood. Everything from questions to fanfics are welcome."

The group was most active in 2004 when it received over 1000 messages, but most of the conversation was more occasional from the time of its founding on May 14, 2000 until its close in October 2019. Activity dropped off after 2010, but moderator Neowhere stated "I'll make sure it survives. We got a lot of stuff in the files/photos/etc sections on groups. I'll save it all, and maybe load everything up on a website or something. Maybe make the site interactive (if I have time) I had been thinking we're all getting older, but even if one of us dies, the yahoo group will live on. Apparently not. For that matter the Facebook group could be finite. I've seen Facebook functionality and sections come and go over the years. You never know." In 2018 Neowhere posted: "This has got to be the oldest group that I have stuck with, considering we're talking about a show from the year 1995. I just came to the realization that there might be some people on this list that are no longer active, simply because they have already passed away. A sad thought, but we did have a vibrant family at one point here in this group."