The Dwight Papers

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Title: The Dwight Papers
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): September 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The A-Team and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Language: English
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The Dwight Papers is a 93-page gen A-Team anthology. The stories focus on the characters portrayed by Dwight Schultz on the television series The A-Team ("Howling Mad" Murdock) and Star Trek: The Next Generation (Lieutenant Reginald Barclay).

  • The Dance by Erinyes 2
  • Appearances by Erinyes 4
  • The Return of Mac Murdock by Rhonda Eudaly 16
  • Thunderbird Whine by Sarah Houghton 26
  • Whispers in the Wind by Melissa Beattie 28
  • Slant by Sarah Houghton 30
  • Hidden Memory by Susan and Diana Owens 35
  • The Jacket by Lachesis 49
  • Never Go Back by Jack Harlan 53
  • The Reunion by Helen D. Volk 63
  • Ain't We Got Fun? by Kristin Munson 80
  • Possibilities by Rhonda Eudaly 85