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Name: sockii
Alias(es): Nicole Pellegrini (Names are linked at this fan's Fan History Wiki user page [1] and here.)
Type: writer, archivist, artist, vidder, zine publisher
Fandoms: A-Team, Babylon 5, The Police, others
Other: What is Fan Art?
URL: fanhistory bio
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sockii is a gen writer and artist.

Her press, Sockii Press, was the largest publisher of The A-Team fanzines in the 1990s.

She lists herself as one of the first active writers on the Master and Apprentice mailing list and archive. She also founded (or was one of the founders of) the Master and Apprentice archive.

She has also done at least one RPS vid and was a frequent contributor at Fan History Wiki.

sockii has won at least one FanQ award for her work.

Her Life in Fandom

"Although I am much less involved in it today then I used to be, media fandom has long played an important part in my life, both on-line and off-line. I started going to science fiction conventions in the mid-90s, where I met many people who would become some of my best friends for life. I also got to meet many of my favorite actors, including Dwight Schultz (who played my childhood hero, "Howlin' Mad" Murdock, on "The A-Team.") My first experiences writing and designing content for the internet were dedicated to different fandoms, and I established the very first A-Team fanpage (which was featured in various print publications and TV shows) during those years, along with various other projects. I became interested in writing and publishing fanzines, which although mocked by many professional writers gave me great experience and training which I use in my freelance writing today." [2]


"One Last Mystery Revealed: Why "sockii"?!?! The Story Behind My Nickname: 'I've been asked that question many many times: so why the heck do I call myself "sockii"?! Well, it goes back to my A-Team fandom roots, I'm afraid. I wanted an on-line handle that was unique when I was first involved in fandom, and a particular episode of the series was one of my favorites. I also really like drinking sake. I decided to spell it a little different as well for uniqueness, therefore sockii was born." [3]

Notable Works: Zines

Songtape Collection

Below is a partial list of vids that Sockii has edited as of 2001.

  • "Bang A Gong" - Rush Hour 1 & 2 (gen/subtext)
  • "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" - Brimstone (gen)
  • "Go West" - Shanghai Noon (slash)
  • "Kinda I Want To" - Brimstone (slash)
  • "We're the Same" - Curry & Pepper (slash)
  • "My Life" - Brimstone (gen/subtext)
  • "New World Man" - Jackie Chan (gen)
  • "Always Together, Forever Apart" - Brimstone (het - Zeke/Ros)
  • "Amazed" - Angel (slash - Wesley/Gunn)


Art Gallery


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