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Name: sockii
Alias(es): Nicole Pellegrini (Names are linked at this fan's Fan History Wiki user page [1] and here.)
Type: writer, archivist, artist, vidder, zine publisher
Fandoms: A-Team, Babylon 5, Brimstone, Hong Kong cinema, The Phantom Menace, Pink Floyd, The Police, seaQuest, Shanghai Noon, Smallville, Star Wars, Xena: Warrior Princess
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sockii is a collector, website and mailing list organizer, vidder, artist, fanfic archivist and fanzine publisher.

Sockii's Life in Fandom

On being the eternal fangirl... Although I am much less involved in it today then I used to be, media fandom has long played an important part in my life, both on-line and off-line. I started going to science fiction conventions in the mid-90s, where I met many people who would become some of my best friends for life. I also got to meet many of my favorite actors, including Dwight Schultz (who played my childhood hero, "Howlin' Mad" Murdock, on "The A-Team.") My first experiences writing and designing content for the internet were dedicated to different fandoms, and I established the very first A-Team fanpage (which was featured in various print publications and TV shows) during those years, along with various other projects. I became interested in writing and publishing fanzines, which although mocked by many professional writers gave me great experience and training which I use in my freelance writing today. [2]


One Last Mystery Revealed: Why "sockii"?!?! The Story Behind My Nickname: 'I've been asked that question many many times: so why the heck do I call myself "sockii"?! Well, it goes back to my A-Team fandom roots, I'm afraid. I wanted an on-line handle that was unique when I was first involved in fandom, and a particular episode of the series was one of my favorites. I also really like drinking sake. I decided to spell it a little different as well for uniqueness, therefore sockii was born. [3]

Some Fan Involvement

Art Awards

  • 1st Place, Best Science Fiction in Show for "Blue" (Shore Leave 2000)
  • Favorite Portrait for "Young Qui-Gon" (Friscon 2000)
  • Best Portrait for "Journey to the West" (Philcon 2002)
  • 1st Place, 2-D Media for "Portrait of Elrond" (Shore Leave 2004)
  • Best Craft Fandom Related Medium for "Jupiter" (Bascon 2004)
  • 1st Place, Media for "Sheppard" (Shore Leave 2005)
  • 1st Place, Sci-Fi for "Chiana" (Shore Leave 2006)
  • Best Fan Art for "Sheppard" (Mobicon 2007)


Songtape Collection

Below is a partial list of vids that Sockii has edited as of 2001.

  • Bang A Gong - Rush Hour 1 & 2 (gen/subtext)
  • Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Brimstone (gen)
  • Go West - Shanghai Noon (slash)
  • Kinda I Want To - Brimstone (slash)
  • We're the Same - Curry & Pepper (slash)
  • My Life - Brimstone (gen/subtext)
  • New World Man - Jackie Chan (gen)
  • Always Together, Forever Apart - Brimstone (het - Zeke/Ros)
  • Amazed - Angel (slash - Wesley/Gunn)

Sample Gallery



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