Don't Blink

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Title: Don't Blink
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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possible front cover

Don't Blink is a gen 86-page anthology focusing on short-lived television series. Summaries below from the publisher.

  • "Bough Breaks" by Rhonda Eudaly (Sleepwalkers) 2 (The Morpheus Institute team is perplexed when a woman claims she's been seeing Nathan in her dreams-and the two had never met before!)
  • "For the Children" by Rhonda Eudaly (The Raven) 11 (Raven's search for his son causes him to cross paths with police officers also looking for missing children. But then, the situation turns deadly...)
  • "Old Ghosts" by Rhonda Eudaly (Marker) 19
  • "Tears in Heaven" by Melissa Beattie (Battlestar Galactica) 30 (John has a mission for Apollo-perhaps the most painful assignment he's ever faced.)
  • "Reversals of Fortune" by Melissa Beattie (Battlestar Galactica) 42 (Starbuck and Adama set forth on a mission to locate a long-missing Apollo. And it's just the trap Iblis has been setting for them for years...)
  • "Scenarios" by Debra Wilson (Earth 2) 57 (During a late-night conversation, the colonists theorize over who may have sabotaged their mission.)
  • "The Last Stop" by Sue Ann Sarrick. (Nowhere Man/Beauty and the Beast) 61 (A job in a New York City bakery could lead Thomas Veil to a reunion with his beloved Alyson-if he can believe his co-worker's story and trust her enough to follow her into the Tunnels...)