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You may be looking for The A-Team File.

Title: The A-Files
Publisher: Sockii Press
Editor(s): Sockii
Date(s): October 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files & A-Team & Nowhere Man
Language: English
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The A-Files is a gen 116-page crossover anthology.

It features three stories and one article on connections among X-Files, A-Team and Nowhere Man. It also includes a long A-Team/X-Files/Nowhere Man crossover.


  • Strange Bedfellows by Irene Snyder Schwarting ("B.A. looked skeptical. "That's a flying saucer? Don't look like no UFO to me.") (3)
  • Agenda by Brandon Kaonohi ) ("Captain Murdock?" asks Scully. "No, I am," replies Murdock. "Uh . . . we're Federal Agents. I'm Dana Scully and this is Fox Mulder.") (17)
  • The X Degrees of Separation by Michele Lellouche ("Think this 'zine is far-fetched? Check out the real-life connections between the A-Team and the X-Files, and you might not think so anymore..." an article and chart) (35)
  • Through the Thin Veil by Sockii ("'You're a dead man, Hannibal! Dead! And then that foo' Murdock!' Hannibal warily approached the large man and tried to reason with him. Tom looked nervously at Face, who appeared about ready to run for it, even though there was nowhere to really go on the small plane.") (38)

Reactions and Reviews

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:10
  • Artwork:10
  • Layout/editing:10
  • Favorites: (1) Agenda by Brandon Kaonohi because I thought it really kept up with the mystical air of the X-Files TV show...
  • Least Favorites: (1) Didn't have a least favorite
  • Other comments: (1) This was a hard one to pick a favorite with - I liked Irene Snyder Schwarting's 'Strange Bedfellows' as well. 'X-Degrees of Separation' was both informative and amusing. I enjoyed 'Through the Thin Veil' but I have solutely no knowledge of the show 'Nowhere Man' so it was a bit awkward for me. Really, though four fabulous stories! [1]


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