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Name: The A-Team
Abbreviation(s): AT, TAT
Creator: Stephen J. Cannell (TV)
Joe Carnahan (Film)
Date(s): January 23, 1983 – March 8, 1987 (series)
June 11, 2010 (films)
Medium: Television Series & Film
Country of Origin: USA
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The A-Team is an American television show that ran for five seasons from 1983 to 1987.

Framed for a crime they didn't commit, four Vietnam vets survive in the Los Angeles underground by being heroes for hire.

Nominated for three primetime Emmys, the show left a definite mark on '80s culture with its signature explosions and violence that rarely killed anyone, quotable dialogue, and the impressions left by the stars.

In 2010, the fandom got a boost from the release of a full-length feature film, which altered the canon of the show by resetting the character's backgrounds, modernizing and updating them to be Iraq War veterans with a completely different set up as to:

  • a) why they were on the run
  • b) who they were running from and
  • c) how they met, among other changes.


Originally a traditional, zine-based fandom, the fandom migrated to the Internet. The fandom received a noticeable boost in popularity due to the film. The ATeam Lending Library‎‎ operates to enable net-based fans to access offline material.


The main slash pairing is Face/Murdock, although other pairings exist. A second, popular pairing is Face/Hannibal. In some stories, both gen and slash, Hannibal is seen as a father figure for the other men.

In fanworks based on the 2010 movie, Face/Hannibal appears to have eclipsed Face/Murdock in popularity.[1] The Hannibal/BA/Murdock/Face polyship, also called H-BAMF, also gained popularity.



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  1. ^ As of 15 April 2017, there are 287 works of 680 total works in The A-Team (2010) tagged Templeton "Faceman" Peck/John "Hannibal" Smith, versus 101 tagged H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock/Templeton "Faceman" Peck.