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You may be looking for The A-Files.

Title: The A-Team File
Publisher: AAA Press
Date(s): 1983-86
Medium: print
Fandom: The A-Team
Language: English
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The A-Team File is a gen A-Team information and fiction anthology. There are four issues. The first three are anthologies and the last issue is a novel.

Issue 1

The A-Team File 1 was published in October 1983 and contains 50 pages.

  • Ah, Colonel Lynch! How Nice to See You Again! by Linda Hepden (12 pages). (Knight Rider crossover)
  • Technicolor Starts Here by J.A. Mortimore (3 pages)
  • Dialogue: Black Day at Bad Rock by J.A. Mortimore (5 pages)
  • Just a Little Liberation by Jita (4 pages)
  • Chance Encounter by Linda Hepden (1 page)
  • An Undercover Story by C.C. Connors (4 pages)
  • a biography of Mr. T

Issue 2

The A-Team File 2 was published in April 1984 and contains 52 pages.

front cover of issue #2
inside sample from issue #2
  • Editorial -- All That Jazz (3)
  • George Peppard Update (4)
  • Just Passing Through by C.S. Armitage (5)
  • Mr T Update (19)
  • Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday by A.S. Lawrence (20)
  • Dwight Schultz Update (25)
  • Hook, Line and Sinker by Sally Jones (28)
  • Poem: The A-Team by Heather Bradshaw (33)
  • Dirk Benedick Update by Marla Heasley (34)
  • Poem: Things Were Never Like This in Fort Bragg by A.S. Lawrence (35)
  • Musing: Bad Time on the Border by DC (36)
  • Incident in a Death Camp by Janet Ellicott (37)
  • A-Team Minus One by DC (41)
  • Home Thoughts from a Broad by J.A. Mortimore (42)
  • Melinda Culea Update (45)
  • Logic Problem: All in a Day's Work by Crazy Charlie (46)
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by A.S. Lawrence (47)
  • Club/Zine Advertisements/Afterwords (52)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Just Passing Through]: Rather amusing little adventure story. [1]

Issue 3

The A-Team File 3 was published in April 1985 and contains 55 pages.

front cover of issue #3
inside sample from issue #3
  • Editorial -- All That Jazz (2)
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? by Theda (3)
  • Safe and Secure by C.S Armitage. (5)
  • A-Team Puzzle (13)
  • Birdman by Stephanie Lucas (14)
  • Every Dog Has Its Day by D. Fittes (15)
  • Black is Beautiful by Sally Jones (17) (Knight Rider crossover)
  • A Look Inside (45)
  • Saigon-An Eye-Witness Account by Judy Wrighton (46)
  • Well, Maybe Next Year by Loot (49)
  • assorted limericks by Crazy Charlie

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[Well, Maybe Next Year]: (7 pages) Strange story about the team working at an unusual hotel... [2]

Issue 4

The A-Team File 4 was published in March 1986 and contains a single 54 page novel.

  • Mary's Boy Child by J.A. Mortimore

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

  • Overall:10
  • Fiction:10
  • Artwork:10
  • Layout/editing:6 Favorite:

(1)it's one long story and it's good because Loved Crazy Charlie Connors

Other comments: (1)Nice story - more like a novelette [3]
This zine is one long story, and a good one too. The team is stuck with two female-tag-alongs this time, along with Amy, as they travel to Gothinia to rescue a kidnapped child. [4]


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