Face Value

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Title: Face Value
Publisher: Halo Press
Date(s): 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: The A-Team & Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Face Value is a gen fanzine containing 52 pages. The stories are focused on characters portrayed by actor Dirk Benedict. All stories by Susan Taylor and Sarah Tindall.


  • Up For Grabs ("Face is captured while on a case and the Team must find him and save him. Also get to see Face as an exotic dancer in a ladies' club.") (24 pages)
  • Face's Freudian Fantasy (23 pages)
  • What Do You Think Of It So Far? (5 pages, poll results, summary of reader's polls after "About Face.")

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Reactions and Reviews

[Face's Freudian Fantasy]: OK, definitely gets the awards for *weirdest* plot idea I've ever come across - Face wakes up one day to find out he's been transformed into a horse. Too bad the story is really actually quite boring... [1]


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