A Frisky to Remember

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Title: A Frisky to Remember
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum & Dar F
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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A Frisky to Remember is a slash multifandom 80-page anthology.



For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.


  • Healing Hands by Minna Harper The A-Team ("Like now, with you two finally reachin' the heights there next door and I can feel Murdock shakin' worse and the sound that was trapped in his throat comes out. And I was right. It's a sob. Just one. That makes it worse, really. An' I don't know what to do.") (reprinted in Slash Collection) (2)
  • Like a River by James Kythe Walkswithwind Dukes of Hazzard ("...there was no point in grieving for it - if it was what [Bo] had to do, then it was what he'd do. They wouldn't understand, but he consoled himself with the knowledge that if he told them, they would. They'd even agree his decision was right. Of course if he could tell them then he wouldn't have to leave.") (13)
  • The Trust of the Tiger by Vixen Foxx Kung Fu: The Legend Continues ("Over the years, listening to Paul Blaisedell's stories, I'd fallen in love with that heroic mystery man....") (40)
  • A Promise to Brodie by Vixen Foxx SeaQuest ("...a horde of well-meaning shipmates, while assuring O'Neil didn't do anything stupid, simply couldn't bridge the distance between what had been and what would never be again.") (55)
  • Swear to Thee by James Kythe Walkswithwind (Starsky and Hutch) ("He had no problem with gay people in general, he just didn't want one of his friends to be one. He'd told Hutch that very thing, several times, when they'd discussed Blaine.") (65)

Reactions and Reviews

[Swear to Thee]: Swear to Thee has a drag queen who isn't Sugar, a Hutch who has every reason not to talk, and that very Starsky from Hutch's car in Death in a Different Place--you know, the conflicted, sulky boy? The one who said he didn't know how he would have reacted if he'd known John Blaine was gay? That one. And James gives the story an ending I really admired for its, well, *gutsiness*. I wouldn't have been able to stop there. [1]