Open for Business

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Title: Open for Business
Publisher: published by the same folks who did Closed for Remodeling
Editor(s): Jackie Edwards
Medium: print
Fandom: The A-Team
Language: English
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Open for Business is an explicit het A-Team 75-page fanzine. It also known as, "Professional Help: The Team is In."

  • "Gift Certificate" by Lori Beatty (19 pages) (It is an epilogue to "Wheel of Fortune" -- Murdock and Jody Joy on their Hawaiian vacation trip after the "Wheel of Fortune" episode.)
  • "Snowbound!" by Jackie Edwards (22 pages) (Hannibal & Maggie)
  • "Nobody Does it Better" by Lori Beatty (Set during "The Spy Who Mugged Me," Murdock and Dominique battle it out in a bit of sexual...espionage.) (13 pages)
  • "Oak Alley" by Jackie Edwards (Hannibal and Maggie on a vacation at a Southern plantation.) (15 pages)

Reactions and Reviews

  • Overall:7.5
  • Fiction:7.5
  • Artwork:8.5
  • Layout/editing:6


(1) the first one-can't remember the title of of it because it had to do with murdock (2)no favorite - well maybe Gift Certificate or Nobody Does It Better because Lots of descriptions of Murdock making love, & like Lori says, Nobody does it Better [1]
Murdock & some girl, Face, and B.A. go off on a ski trip. It's amazing how the avalanche manages only to cave in the roof over Hannibal's room and it seems like business as usual in the ski lodge afterwards... [2]


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