Closed for Remodeling

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Title: Closed for Remodeling
Publisher: Media Press
Editor(s): Jackie Edwards
Date(s): 1986-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: A-Team
Language: English
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Closed for Remodeling is an adult het A-Team anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, perhaps by C. Johnson

Closed for Remodeling 1 was published in July 1986 and contains 105 pages.

  • Never Turn Your Back by Lori Beatty (6 pages) (During 'Curtain Call,' Murdock is dying. But Hannibal is living his own private hell of guilt and recrimination.)
  • Poem by Danny Beatty
  • Circumstantial Evidence by Jackie Edwards (38 pages) (A woman and misunderstanding threaten to break up the team. Can they overcome their suspicions and stay together?)
  • Shadows in the Rain by Michele Lellouche (11 pages)
  • Something on the String of G by Lori Beatty (19 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Overall:9
  • Fiction:9
  • Artwork:6
  • Layout/editing:6

Favorite: (1) L Beatty's Something In The String Of G - Didn't think I'd like it, but it was just too funny! I loved it! because L.Beatty's SITSOG will leave you ROTFLYAO (2) Something in the String of G and Shadows in the rain because Jeez, where to begin! I thought this story really captured the humor of the Team!

Least Favorite: (1) Mistaken Identity because Didn't like like the general premise (2) Circumstantial Evidence because I have a problem with stories where one of the guys turns out to be the 'bad' guy, in this case, Face causing all kinds of trouble because he jumped to conclusions. I know fan fic is an author's opinion, but I just can't see the guys splintering like this - I think they're too secure in their relationships with each other.

Other comments: (1) Circumstanial Evidence was a treat.Excellent story, intersting twist. (2) The cartoons by Leah Rosenthal are out of this world! What a talent! Again, I had a tough time choosing a favorite - "Shadows in the Rain" was an awesome read - so very different from 'Something in the String of G' which was

very light-hearted.[1]

"Never Turn Your Back" by Lori Beatty. (6 pages). Set during the "Curtain Call" episode.

"Circumstantial Evidence" by Jackie Edwards. (38 pages). In which Murdock is suspected of having an affair with...Maggie? "Mistaken Identity" by Mary Hughes. (25 pages). Does Murdock have a forgotten past in Texas, and a son he never knew about?

"Shadows in the Rain" by Michele Lellouche. (11 pages). Great Team story about the guys hiding out in the Florida swamps trying to avoid Fulbright. (Reminiscent of Nam.)

"Something on the String of G" by Lori Beatty. (19 pages) This is the infamous Team gets 10% of Chippendales story. Murdock hams it up as a Chippendales dancer.[2]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, perhaps by C. Johnson

Closed for Remodeling 2 was published in 1988 and contains 119 pages.

  • Too Bad Howling Mad by Mary Hughes ("After a car accident Murdock looses his memory, and isn't too sure he wants it back.") (32 pages)
  • Things that go Bump in the Night by Denise Sheets ("The team take on a mysterious case at a southern prison.") (27 pages)
  • The Date by Jackie Edwards (7 pages) (also in On the Jazz, as "Prom Night") (This is the quote at the beginning of the story: "Suspend your sense of time for a moment... Our heroes are much as they are today, except for a presidential pardon. Hannibal is married and his daughter is 16. Imagine, if you will, what it would be like to be raised by the A-Team..." )
  • Visiting Day by Lori Beatty ("Kelly visits Murdock at the V.A.") (9 pages)
  • The Devil...& Decker Too by G. Brennan ("Hannibal and Decker are both given offers they can't refuse...or can they?") (15 pages)
  • Night Thoughts by Jeanette Hoffman (1 page)
  • Almost Like Being in Love by Lori Beatty ("Amy remembers her first night with Murdock - at the VA Hospital.") (7 pages)
  • Revenge by Jackie Edwards (15 pages).

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Overall:8.5
  • Fiction:8.5
  • Artwork:9
  • Layout/editing:9

Favorites: (1) THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT because GOOD ORIGINAL STORY, CHARACTERS TRUE TO TV SHOW, GOOD WRITING STYLE (2) Things That Go Bump in the Night because Loved it!! Witches aren't portrayed as evil but as 'wise women', which we are!!



(2) Great stories! [3]

Issue 3

Closed for Remodeling 3 was published in 1989 and contains 94 pages. Interior images: one small illo, a page of publicity shots.

  • Children of Bad Rock by Joy Baker ("A story using every title of every single A-Team episode.") (3)
  • Murdock's Miracle by Gwen Brennan ("A mysterious man may be the only one who can save Murdock's life and keep the Team from being captured.") (17)
  • Just One of Those Days by Rita Ractliffe ("An accident during a camping trip results in a near-death situation for Maggie.") (33)
  • Teamwork by Lori Beatty ("After "A Nice Place to Visit," recollections from Hannibal.") (51)
  • Enterprise Incident by Lori Beatty and Sue Keenan (Star Trek: TOS crossover also involving the real-life actors, RPF) (also in A-Team Collection #4) (77)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

  • Overall:8
  • Fiction:8
  • Artwork:8
  • Layout/editing:8

Favorite: (1) Murdock's Miracle and Teamwork. MM 'cos miracles are always nice, and in Teamwork, interesting how Hannibal put the team together

Other comments:

(1) overall,a good read.[4]

Issue 4

Closed for Remodeling 4 was published in 1990 and contains 90 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • The Vessel by Jackie Edwards (25 pages)
  • Pasadena Murdock by Michele Lellouche (21 pages) UNAUTHORIZED version of this story which had been withdrawn from publication. The official version is available in Distasis.
  • One Small Step by Lori Beatty ("Reflections from each of the team members before/during 'Nam.") (15 pages)
  • Assignment Tardis by Elizabeth Hensley (19 pages) (Dr. Who crossover)
  • Aftermath by Jackie Edwards ("Stockwell & Carla "adult" piece, after "The Say Uncle Affair."") (3 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[The Vessel]:

Is Dr. Maggie Sullivan possessed by an evil spirit? Looks like the team will have to find out. Weird. [5]

[Assignment Tardis]:

One of my favorite fan stories, a Dr. Who crossover. Can Murdock successfully pilot the space shuttle and bring it down to safety? Uh-oh... [6]


  • Overall:7
  • Fiction:6
  • Artwork:6
  • Layout/editing:7

Least Favorite: (1) Aftermath because who really cares about Stockwell and Carla

Other comments:

(1) Dr. Who fans will like the crossover Assignment Tardis. I understand now why there's no Closed for Remodeling #5 [7]


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